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Nervous re Lap

Hi all. Now feeling really nervous. Got to be admitted for laparoscopy on 30th and surgery on 31st. This is for investigation in to ongoing right sided pelvic pain

Trouble is I'm terrified ... 1 that they will find something I do not want to be found or 2 tell me there is nothing there that is causing the pain.

Also really apprehensive re the anaesthetic.

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In all honesty I was a nervous wreck. Had mine on 18th. I've never been in hospital and had an op before so I was Soooo scared of been put asleep.

This for me was the scariest thing as I'm a complete control freak.

The after pain didn't bother me as I'm used to daily pain.

an I was fine. A woman next to me had pancreatic cancer so kinda put mine into perspective.

Is yours nye?


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My lap is the 25th Jan - I'm terrified too and have all the feelings you describe. I think most ladies feel the same from what I've read on here so we're all in this together xx



This is my first comment on here :-)

Mine is booked the 12th and I've been feeling really apprehensive too. I've never had an operation or a general before and really don't like the thought of it all. But I somehow have a peace about it all as I just want to get to find out what's going on. I haven't been able to exercise for the last few months because of intermittent pain and a tugging sensation on my lower left side.

Thinking of and praying for you

Big hugs



No-one wants to have surgery or go through it, it is nerve wrecking, scary, horrible and not something we choose for or choose to do. The only trouble is especially with endo they cant see it with a scan or cant diagnose you until they have seen it.

I was terrified, for everything, but knew that i had to go through it to make it better and find out what is going on inside. People who are with you surgeons, nurses will give you best care, explain everything and will help you through this process.

Look after yourself, ask questions and tell your worries. It all will be ok

Good luck!


I was kept in over night after having my lap heartrate went through the roof and never felt pain like it they found endo in my womb and pouch of Douglas glued to my womb with aheadions i was glad that finally after fifteen months of left sided pelvic pain that finally got the answers I got same as u saying that they wouldn't find anything but they did and I knew they would hope you get on ok and all the best with your surgery also take peppermint tea for the gas pain as that helped me loads to ease the gas pain after my lap xx


Hi there, please don't be worried - being nervous is totally natural and in fact you'll find the adrenaline will help get you through. Everyone in hospital will be very supportive - the nurses especially are great and are who you'll have the most contact with. You'll be in a ward with other women, from my experience this is very comforting, everybody chats and supports each other (in between napping!) and as another person said - when someone with cancer is sitting near you with all sorts of tubes etc. It puts things in perspective. If you're in as a day patient then you will be in your pjs watching telly that night!

The best thing to do is to keep busy in the run up to the op and get all those niggling little jobs on your to do list done - be occupied. Get everything as comfortable at home as you can for when you get home from hospital, stock up on DVDs and all your fave stuff.

Here is some advice re. Lap and surgery, there is also advice on what the op is along with tonnes of other info. Great website.


As for the anaesthetic, they will bring you down to theatre on a trolley in your gown, there will be several docs/nurses, the anaesthetist will put a cannula into the back of your hand (no worse than a blood test) and then administer the anaesthetic - you'll count to ten or something and before 3 you'll prob be knocked out. I was a bit nervous and cold so they gave me this amazing electric heated blanket that covered me! They have done the ops so many times and you'll be monitored very closely throughout. It can take a number of weeks for the drug to come out of your system completely so you'll be groggy first of all and then maybe not feel 100%. But you'll be up on your feet within 24hours and functional.

When you come round in recovery if you make the slightest cry of pain you will immediately be given iv morphine or paracetamol which will prob knock you out again. Nurses will be there the whole time. When you're more conscious you will be sat up and given tea and toast, then taken to the ward.

Would agree re. The peppermint tea, when the op Is conducted they pump your tummy full of co2 to be able to see what they're doing and when this dissipates out of your body it can be uncomfortable. Walk about and stretch to get rid of it as well. The only other thing is that you may be a bit constipated from the pain killers and also your bladder may be a bit uncooperative for a day or two. But all of this rights itself.

Having the surgery is nerve wracking but it will be over soon and you will have the answers you need and be on your way to getting the treatment you need which is a whole lot better than sitting in endless pain and not doing anything about it.

Wishing you lots of luck for the op, it won't be as scary as you think xx


Thank you so much for this helpful and informative post - the website is very useful. I am currently on the waiting list for my lap, but have recently had an operation to remove a large endo tissue from my bladder. Having said that, I'm still quite worried about the lap and this post was very useful, thank you.

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I had mine in September & I thought that no one could possibly be as scared as I was about it all but it seems like I am not alone! It was also my first operation, anestetic & stay in hospital. I was honestly terrified & cried all the way to theatre. If I'm honest, none of it was as bad as I had imagined. I know everyone is different but I felt hardly any pain when I came around & this continued all through recovery. Just keep taking the pain killers so as not to let the pain break through! I just took paracetamol & ibuprofen. Coming round from the anestetic was a strange experience, I had the shakes for about an hour but apparently this is normal. I felt a little sick but wasn't. I also didn't experience the shoulder pain from the gas, not everyone does. I had a cyst from my left ovary drained & ovary detached from womb & womb is sticking to rectum due to endo in my pouch of Douglas. The latter wasn't treated due to consultant not being an endo specialist. I'm hoping not to have anymore ops but endo is a fickle thing & who knows what it may get up to!? I wish you all the best & I won't say try not to worry as we do but try & have positive thoughts as this helps immensely!!! Don't go crazy after the op, but do move about as this helps you recover more quickly. If you're anything like I was you will be amazed by how mobile & well you actually feel afterwards! Good luck 😊

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I had my lap on 17th, I knew I had a cyst on my ovary but didn't expect anything else, turns out they found endometriosis too.

I was absolutely terrified of the anaesthetic, I was told on the Monday that I was booked in on the Thursday, so didn't give me too much time to get worked up.

When it came to it, it was touch and go whether the surgeon would have time to do me on that day because they were running late.

Anaesthetist was amazing, I felt so reassured when he came to see me.

When I got in the theatre he was laughing and joking with me so much I pretty much forgot what I was doing there.

I remember him saying that he wasn't going to give me the anaesthetic til I'd answered his very important questions, at which point he started asking me about how many Star Wars films I'd seen!!

When I came around I realised he was just trying to keep me as calm as possible.

Try to stay calm, that is the best advice I can give, and make sure you have some very baggy clothes to wear, I wasn't prepared for my tummy being so bloated, I brought some leggings two sizes bigger than normal and they have been a God send.



Don't be worried... Honestly it is going to be fine! All of the nurses and anaesthetists are lovely. When it was time for me I was already on a trolly as I had to have an ECG befor had (pre existing heart condition - don't worry you won't have to have one 😊) so they wheeled me in to the anaesthetic room you usually walk down. They couldn't get the needle in the back of my hand because I have such fine veins sobi ended up with it in my arm like a blood test. She said I'm going to give you something that makes you feel like you've had a few drinks.... It really does feel like you have had a few and your at the point of giving yourself a talking to and a glass of water! 😂 we were chattering away then the mask goes on and they said this one will put you to sleep... I got to about 3.... Then I woke up shivering so they put another lovely warm blanket over me and I stopped shivering. They asked me about my pain... All I wanted was a drink so they bought me a small plastic cup with a straw... I was told to go slowly as I was gulping it... I didn't feel any pain until they got me up and walking.. That was when the gas moved up to my shoulder/neck.. It feels like you've pulled all of the muscles... I sat and drunk another 2 cups of water and a packet of biscuits... I'm vegan and they didn't have any food I could eat... Just a word of warning if you have specific dietry needs... After about 30mins they called my husband and he came and helped me get dressed... Within about 2 hours of my op I was in a taxi heading home (I slept the whole way). Got home and laid on the sofa for a few hours then had a shower (with lots of help from my husband) you won't be able to stretch or bend... I went to bed and woke up still a bit stiff but no more Endo pain... Take the pain relief they give you and taper it off slowly. You will be fine! Any questions you can message me! 😊

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Hi, I had mine on the 9th and I was really scared too, but everyone was really helpful and lovely and the anaesthetists distracted me and kept me talking as I was being put under anaesthetic so I didn't even realise that I'd fallen asleep! I hope the same is done for you.

If they find something that you don't want to be found, then at least they will be able to treat it and you won't have the worry that there might be something bad inside you and not know what it is.

If they don't find anything, then they'll do further investigations to find out what is causing the pain and they will find what is causing it.

I'm sorry you're in pain, but the laparoscopy hurt WAY less than I was expecting, much less than a period hurts, the biggest problem for me was the tube they put down your throat for anaesthetic which makes you croaky and have a sore throat but it went away after about 2 days. It meant my family had to make me lots of cups of tea for me though haha. Also I wasn't expecting not being able to wee properly for about two days afterwards as well so that worried me but I checked on here and apparently it's normal.

In hospital the nurses check on you every 5 minutes just to make sure you're ok, even if you're not a little bit ok they will do everything to make sure you feel better again, they're wonderful!

Also I felt almost entirely better within a week, I was shocked at how fast I felt better. Moving about helps a lot with the gas pain. The gas pain feels weird, it feels like you've got stitches from running but in your shoulders, but the more you move about the quicker it'll go away.

I know it's hard not to worry, but at least you'll have answers soon and you won't be worrying and not knowing why you're in pain.

Good luck for your operation! xxx

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Hi i had my second on the 21st Dec.

On my first lap i was slightly nervous about the anaesthetic, and she told me the that first stuff was like a bottle of wine, I was being cocky and said I don't feel anything lol. The next was the anaesthetic I wasn't even told to count i just remembered her looking at me and saying...and there you go! It was the best sleep I've ever had! (I don't sleep well) I had the same lady this time and I remember saying to her as she put the anaesthetic in that last time I was being cocky and think all i managed to get out was "last time I was being cock...." :-)

You'll be fine once it's injected you haven't got much choice than to sleep. And when you wake up your given pain relief, and looked after closely until your ready to go back onto the ward. Then you sleep on and off and feel drowsy. Then they offer some tea and toast. And you have to use the toilet before they can discharge you. You'll be give meds to come home with and numbers you can call incase you need them. If it's day surgery you'll be home dosing on and off whilst watching tv.

Take it easy because it will hurt. and have someone to look after you.

Good luck. :-)

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Good luck Hun. I have mine booked in on the 14th Jan. My first op too. It's natural to be feeling nervous. Good luck, thinking of you xx

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Good luck with your op. I'm on the waiting list for my lap, and recently had a very large endo mass removed from my bladder. The thought of the op and anesthetic is scary, but you will be very well looked after. I found that I panicked just before going under, but was reassured and then before I knew it, I was coming round. I guess the most important thing is to try to trust the people taking care of you and ask questions if you need to. Best of luck, and positive thoughts heading your way xx


Think of it this way- at least you will have an answer one way or the other. If it is endo then they will treat it as best they can if you don't then believe me, this is a good thing. They can then look at any other reasons for your pain. I've been in your shoes so I understand what you are going through but in my case I did have extensive endo. Have faith in yourself, you are not imagining your pain so don't let anyone fob you off. I write a blog if you are interested- angelpiesite.wordpress.com

Or you can ask me anymore questions. I hope your lap goes well and you get the answers you want xx


I hope everything goes ok for you!

My laparoscopy is 22nd January.

I have been going out of my mind worrying about the anaesetic and recovery. Like you, I have never had surgery.

I keep reading different blogs online to prepare myself, but I don't think anything can.

The biggest worry is; what if they find nothing? I don't know if that has ever happened to anybody. My consultant seemed pretty certain she could feel nodules around my cervix (sorry for tmi), but then the numerous scans I have had over the years have shown nothing...

Good Luck! All the best!


Hope it went ok and your recovering well xx


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