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Bowel and leg/stomach pain

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Any one suffering with toilet troubles - even when not on period or due on. suffering with really heavy legs and sore stomach aches when either constipated or the other way. (sorry for TMI) its becoming more of a regular pain now nearly almost daily.

not sure if it is related or anyone else is suffering with this kind of trouble to.


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Hi. Yes, I had bowel problems, pain and soreness every day. I had endometriosis and adenomyosis. Unfortunately this is the case for some women, whereas some only get symptoms around their period. I was diagnosed with IBS and suffered daily for years before realising that I might have endometriosis. I’d always had very painful periods. Bowel symptoms are very common but doctors do tend to misdiagnose it as IBS.

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Thank you for replying, oh i am sorry for you suffering as well with everything you have going on.I'm waiting to hopefully find out if it is endo I actually have but going to bring up these symptoms when I go back next month to see the gynae again too and see if that helps with getting a diagnosis any time soon!


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I really hope you get somewhere with it soon. I would mention your bowel symptoms but also be prepared for the consultant to dismiss it. Some of them seem to only acknowledge symptoms that occur around your period. If you do get that negative response, please challenge them on it as some women do get symptoms all month long. Best of luck

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Thank you so much i will definitely be mentioning it.Take care x

Hey! Yes I'm pretty much the same, I've got IBS (or so I thought) but have discovered that it can be a misdiagnosis for/or get worse with endo flare ups! Also same thing with the legs, my legs can sometimes be agony just from sitting or lying down, it's at a point now where there's not a moment where at least one area of my legs are aching 😭 but especially around my hips/pelvis/bum area! You're definitely not alone with this one, though I am sorry you're feeling it too

I'm on iron tablets too because my stores are low, but it's hard to keep up with them with my angry bowels cause on a normal time I'm either not shifting anything for days on end and resulting in rock hard bloated belly, or the other way, so that's been fun adding iron to the mix 🤣🤣

Feel free to chat/vent if you need! X

OMG I thought it was all in my head, I am exactly the same. I am so sorry you are suffering hope it gets better for all of us.

Hello! I had the same exact thing. It was like 20 days a month. Back, leg pain and horrible toilet situation. Like constipated but going to the toilet 15 times a day with a mix of mucus and sometimes blood (tmi). I ended up having an 7 hour surgery: I had endo all over my bowels and a 14cm adhesion on my rectum (also had it on ovaries and vagina). I had a rectal resection, had to have an ileostomy for 8 months but it saved my life. I've had no pain after that whatsoever, painless periods after surgery. And really a miracle because I'm now expecting :) Hope yours is not bad as mine but when the adhesions are this big the only solution is excision surgery. It's better to get seen by an endo specialist soon before they get worse.

Hi, me too everyday with pain, problems to go to the toilets plus now im taking the injection to not have period still I feel some pain 😔😵😵


Yes I suffered this too. I had stage 4 endo.

I had my first surgery and endo was found in my bowel too and that was all removed.

For pain I used a tens machine on to relieve the pain.

But I have found out once I had my surgery all the pain went. But sadly the endo has come back after a year and half. So I'm starting to experience the same pain all over again.

I haven’t been on here for a long time, but I just read this in my emails and it’s like I wrote it myself. I don’t have endometriosis diagnosed but it started that the pain was only around my period. Now the pain is most days and I’m constantly constipated and suffering with hemorrhoids and anal fissures due to this. None of the doctors have wanted to know and have just kept prescribing me laxatives and Anusol and telling me to increase my fibre for the past year :) I honestly felt like maybe it’s common and that’s why they don’t seem to care.. but I’m only 22 .. I don’t know any other 22 year old suffering like this at the moment.

I really hope your symptoms ease off soon x

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