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Pain relief


After a telephone consultation with my gynaecologist today, he has said they don't think there's anything else they can do 4 my endo pain as ive trued the pill running packs 4 3months, had the coil fitted while under for removal of endometriosis last Feb but since December I have had prolonged pain worse than b4 op and the doc says its just a pain I will have to live with I spend at least once a wk possibly twice in bed in agony , take cocodamol buscopan and mefanamic acid anyone out there tried any other pain relief , I also use a heat belt and tens machine. At the end of my tether n waiting on a 2nd opinion !!!

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Hiya, in my humble opinion no one should be told to go away and 'just live' with that level of pain...I was told to do so decades ago and it made me feel I could not ask for more help when I should have done. I really hope you can get a second opinion and don't give up on your right to a pain-fee life

Hi i hope you are okay. I would ask to speak to another gp one who will understand that the pain relief you are taking isn't working at all and that you would like something stronger. It infuriates me so much when we are told that we just have to live with the pain we don't and shouldn't 😡😡. What we deserve the right to be listened to and understood when it comes to endo. Get on the phone to your surgery first thing tomorrow morning and tell them you would like to speak with another gp and dont give up until you are given something stronger. 💛💛

Has he not tried you on prostap injections?

I've never heard of these

I’ve had a similar experience, lap, coil, prostap. Now on waiting list for total hysterectomy. There are other options. Unfortunately, you need to be persistent. Good luck xx

Hi I have naproxin , pregabalin, amitriptyline and paracetamol. And still feel like my insides need to fall out .

I'm in for surgery on Monday so fingers crossed

Mrsmcgrogan in reply to Clark71

If u fint mind me asking wot surgery are u going in 4 ??

Clark71 in reply to Mrsmcgrogan

Hysteroscopy , if this doesn't stop the pain I'm on the list for Hysterectomy. I've been in this pain for 3 years and have fought for someone to do something. You should not be left in pain . There is a procedure that they can do to just scrape the endometriosis away .

Good luck

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