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Pain Relief


I am new to this site so sorry if this has already been asked! Does anyone have any recommendations for pain relief? I was diagonals about 4 months ago after repeatedly being sent away from hospital telling me the pain was just period pain. ( although I knew it was something else) anyway to cut a long story short , my bupa doctor has recommended that I take the pill for 3 months continuously with a. 4 day gap and then 3 months again etc. This was supposed to stop my period to stop the pain, however a couple of days ago I started getting pain again and my period started. The pain from both ( the cramps and the endometriosis) is unbearable. I have tried Tramadol, naproxen, feminax, codeiene and am out of options! Nothing seems to help. I have been off work today and need to get back asap but with this pain I'm struggling to get out of bed :( . Sorry for the long winded message! Thank you :) xx

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Hi , thank you for your response :) yes I have had those too but not much luck! X


Medefic acid help?? That what I got. Helps to me.


I will see if I can get those and give them

A try! Thank you x


Tell her that u suffer real bad etc I had to beg for her to prescribed it to me


I will do :) thank you x


I have tried all of those too but nothing seems to work. My consultant has recently stressed that I need to take paracetamol and ibuprofen regularly i.e. Every 4 hours and then tramadol for breakthrough pain which I am now trying so still early days, but think it is slightly better?? I think its important to keep your meds level topped up rather than just taking when the pain is really bad if you see what I mean. I don't know about you but some days I wasn't taking anything until the pain started, as if I'd wake up and wasn't in pain straight away I'd think this is good - and then it would start an hour or two later, so that's why you need to take them regularly apparently. Hope this helps x

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Thank you! I will give this a try xx


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