How long does it take to recover!?


I'm having treatment for my endometriosis, the ops involving my bladder and bowel as its grown around them both! I'm just wondering how long it would take to recover?? When I was diagnosed it took me a week to recover but this is a lot more complicated and I have no idea how long it's going to take.... any ladies had a similar op that can help :) x

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I had similar operation last month. I think 3-4 weeks off is about right. I had pain from the stent rather than endometriosis excision. What did the consultant say? Add 1 week to his/ her suggestion 🤕

They said 2-6 weeks depending how the operation goes and whether part of my bowel is to be removed, so was just seeing how long other people have taken to recover.

Thanks, hope you're feeling better now 😊X

Thanks. I am back to work now. Starting just doing half days. I actually felt better being out and about. Hope your operation goes smoothly.

If you are in the UK I assume this is being done in a BSGE endo centre?

I had some of my bowel removed plus significant removal of stage 4 endo. I needed 8 weeks off work. I was flat on my back for around 3 weeks then it took many weeks to build up energy to walk anywhere and to use stairs etc. Be prepared for this as my surgeon said 4 weeks but I was nowhere near ready at 4 weeks. My organs were filled with stitches and this took a long time to heal. It really depends on the extent of your endo and what happens on the day. Just be prepared. All the very best to you, put yourself first and don't try to do too much too soon. x

8 weeks wow! Yeah with my last one I tried to much to quickly and made my self worse. Thank you so much hope you are feeling better and recovered well! x

I had a very similar surgery to you 2 weeks ago. Luckily they didn't need to remove any of my bowel but had "shaved" a significant part of it away. It took me nearly the whole 2 weeks to feel well enough to get up around the house, but even having a bath is exhausting! I'm taking 3-4 weeks off work and I'm sure I will be ready to go back then! Hope this helps x

I'm starting to think the 2 weeks I booked of work isn't going to be enough! Thanks for replying. Hope you feel better soon and recover well:)x

@ Shelby

I don't know if this will help you or anyone but while in the hospital for a week during one surgery I heard my dr yelling at the nurses for not following his instructions.

He had wanted me out of bed right away and walking .

Now I totally believe that the quicker you get up anc move and walk the less adhesions will form .i may be nuts but I do believe this

Also the quicker you get up and start moving the faster you will recover

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