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Prostap, how long to work?


I had my first injection 13 days ago and I'm still bleeding and it's heavy and clots and pain. How long did it take to stop after you had the injection? Thanx

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If I remember rightly around three weeks and I was starting to see the benefits. I've been on it around nine months now with no bleeding, and drastically reduced pain. Good luck.


I have been on prostap for 3 months now and I had similar to you, I think I was bleeding for about 15 days and since then nothing. My pain has improved too and side effects have improved so hopefully you’re not too far off having some kind of relief, hope it helps x

My bleeding lasted for just over 2 weeks. I thought it will never finish!

I had my injection 3 weeks ago . Still having night sweets but he hot flushes calmed down and I’m not that angry anymore :) but that may be the primrose oil

Thank you all for the replies. It is really appreciated xx

I've not been bleeding since now.

I've my second injection in 5 days and the side effect are awful.


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Hi there, how many days till you stopped bleeding, what side effects have you had? I'm having nausea sick feeling pain and bad bleeding x😓😓

May I ask did you feel any better after your second injection?

Its ruined my life don't do it hun . Come to see me at Lupron Warriors on Facebook see the evidence for yourself my name is Cheryl Newton I'm disabled because of it and I'm running an awareness campaign to help others stop ruining their lives too.

So sorry you are the same Xxx


I do not use Facebook but could you kindly let me know how you are now?


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