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Zoladex/Prostrap - How long till pain stopped?

I'm on my 2nd injection of Zoladex, 6 weeks into 3 month course which will help determine whether I need a hysterectomy or not and was wondering about other people's experiences?

3 weeks in all my symptoms got worse (a lot worse) week 4 my bloating went away and pain decreased and now week 6 the pain and bloating has increased again and am feeling deflated as thought it was working and I was going to get some relief. Could it be a reaction to the 2nd injection or do you not react to the second one?

Have no idea what to expect!

Hot flushes and night sweats are full on and have been since week 4!!

Any detailed experiences/timelines of being on this drug would help me immensely

Lisa x 😞

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Hi Lisa

I have just had my sixth injection of zoladex. The hormone surge after the first injection which hit two weeks in was really difficult. I also have migraine and the surge made them much worse but I got through that. The next month was a little better but I felt shattered and began getting hot flushes at night so would wake up really tired. By the 4th I could recognise that the effect hit me on day 10 after the injection with migraine and tiredness. Now the side effects are much better and I have been free from endo pain for months. Zoladex effects each of us differently but for me it has given me relief from both endo pain and migraine for the first time in 10 years.

I hope you get some relief soon


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Hi silversun,

Thanks for replying.

So from what you've said, each time you've had an injection you've felt effects 10 days later?

I'm now hoping what I've felt in the last few days are the effects of my second injection which should then hopefully settle down rather than the injections just not working.

I don't suffer from migraines like you but have started having frequent headaches when the hot flushes started.

Have you any tips on coping with hot flushes or getting a good nights sleep with the night sweats as I have, like you, had trouble sleeping.

I'm glad you've found some relief, it gives me hope.


I'm currently on decapeptyl for ovarian remnant and masses of cysts, i didn't feel no benefit till after my 4th monthly injection

Some months I've had more migraines where as other months many hot sweats - think it just varies - hope your pain eases,

I've previously had zoladex and gonapeptyl before my hysterectomy - always worked for me, so had the op, years later find out I have a remnant 😁 Encased in adhesions - again ! Keep at the injections, I find the side effects better than pain - I had stage 4 endo was on cervix ,bladder,bowel, pouch of Douglas ,rectum ,ovaries ,kidneys - basically everywhere - it's a horrible disease and even though I'm now rid I still suffer with remnant and adhesions 😞Xx


Hi I'm on my second course of zoladex my last was a nearly two years ago. This time it has been wonderful although I have terrible hot flushes, I feel I have been given my life back. My pain hasn't gone entirely but before I had it I hardly went out of the house because my pain and I think I was on the verge of getting depression as endo was taking over my life. It's only a temporary fix as I'm waiting to have an operation for endo in and on my bladder. I'm just trying to get out as much as possible as I know I have a hard time coming up. I carry a pack of wet ones around to wash my face when I'm out . I hope you get your headaches sorted I would speak to the person who gives you the injection about it. Take care Sam xx


I wondered why you were having the injections . If you have made a decision for surgery that will be more effective than these injections which will give you menopause side effects ????

When you stop the injections endometriosis will continue and they don't advise long term use of these injections .

Do you have adenyomyosis?


Hi Kfern, yes my Surgeon thinks I have Adenomyosis hence the 3 month course of Zoladex. Basically if I get relief from it, He will perform a hysterectomy.

I have had endo since I was 21 (now 34) but I've been lucky there and it has always been mild and zapped off at each lap.

So my question was purely for specific experiences on Zoladex.


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