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Sorry ladies. But since about 2 weeks ago lm suffering from constipation again😬 im bloated too as a result of this. I've taken senna which has helped but on the days lve not taken it lve not had a bowel movement. Any advice on how to manage this, preferably naturally. Thanks in aadvance.X

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Hi, prune juice, chia seeds, psyllium husks and lots of water. Squeeze some lemon into warm water. Good luck. Me too having issues since my lap last week. x

Never TMI! It’s what groups like that are for. Try magnesium supplements? They are good for inflammation and often recommended for endo anyway but also have a side effect of being a mild laxative and so could help keep you more regular.

Hey i have bowel endometriosis so i suffer often with chronic constipation. Try macrogol its a lot easier on the system. Also try coconut oil as a hot tea mixed with turmeric or even try peppermint and green tea mixed together. Also a berry smoothie with prunes may help. Good luck 💛

Thank you ladies for your replies. I will implement your recommendations. Its strange when lve always been so regular its horrible not being able to go. I just know when l don't go for a few days l feel so heavy and bloated and this makes my symptoms worse. When l had my lap 2 months ago l had 2 cysts removed and a bit of endo was found but the consultant didn't mention bowel endo 😔


I find doing squats works for me. Just do them gently, but you are putting things in the right position for things to flow.

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Will definitely try this! Thank you 😊

Nutrition advice from a physio:

My physio recommended this video to ensure you don't strain and mess up your pelvic floor. It's funny but it does work:

Hope it helps!

Thank you! X

Big glass of warm water with a spoonful of brown sugar, should work within the hour. I also use glycerin suppositories ask the pharmacist for them.


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Does it really work within an hour?! Will definitely try it!x

KimPV in reply to ShiningStar123

Yes I’ve done it a few times

Or a strong cup of coffee and a fag ;)

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I use senosoft it works for me

Thank you, x

Yes I’ve done it a few times

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You could also try milled flaxseeds in breakfast cereals, porridge or smoothies. Really helps & is full of goodness. Just a teaspoon then work it up to a tablespoon. A warm drink before bed too, maybe a herbal tea always makes it easier come morning. Good luck xXx

Thank you hun, will try x

Movicol to get a movement and then dulcoease / dulcosoft to keep you regular. Then mebeverine and peppermint tea to help with the bloat x

Fab! X

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