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Giant blood clot? Warning TMI!!


I've been bleeding since saturday and it's been really weird. I shouldn't be bleeding anyway as I'm on norethisterone. At first it was really fresh looking blood with quite a bit of clear fluid but after the first day it's turned almost black and stringy. Rally sorry for TMI but I'm worried. Last night before I went to bed, I went to the loo and a clot came out. I get clots a lot but nothing like the size of this one. It was about 2 inches long by half an inch wide, part of it was very dark brown and part was bright red fresh blood. Do any of you get clots like this. It has disturbed me so much I'm ging straight to the GP after dropping the kids off at school. x

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Hey babe

I do occassionally get things like this - its pretty horrible. I would go to your doc to be on the safe side esp since your bleeding has changed too. Horrible question to ask but there is no chance you could have been pregnant is there?

Also possible that it could be from a burst cyst but usually with that you get absolutely horrendus pain for an hour or two and then lose the fluid.


As far as I'm aware you can't get pregnant whilst on norethisterone as it's a massive dose of progesterone but then if I'm bleeding it's obviously not working. I have been having sex so there is always that chance :/

I actually started bleeding after attempting to have sex, it hurt too much so we had to stop, the bleeding has continued since then!

I have an appointment with the gp this afternoon so hopefully he can shed some light on the situation.

Thanks for your reply hun x


Hi hun

I get clots like that, I had been getting all the pain that happens with endo (after i knew it could be this) and the clots were the reason I went to do the doctor and then she was saying it might be endo. Im on my period just now and 9 times out of 10 there will be a couple or more clots in each period if that makes sense.

They are rather disgusting

Hope you get on okay at doctors this afternoon, let us know how you get on :)

Rach xx


Yeah let us know how you get on. There is no guarantee you wont get pregnant as you are having a period you must be ovulating xx


OK gp has told me there isn't rally anyway I'd be pregnant (I did a test just to be sure and I'm not). Norethisterone is 10 times stronger than the pop-pill and I'm now taking 3 a day. He says it's quite common to bleed after sex when you have endo (even though the consultant says I dont have it) plus I decreased the dose of the norethisterone so he's put that back up to stop the bleeding. The gp is convinced I have it and has told me to discuss this more at the hospital in my appointment next month. It's so good to speak to a gp that actually takes me seriously. Thanks for your replies ladies x


I also get enormous clots as well - it's like huge pieces of liver coming out sometimes and I do find that the pain increases when I pass clots like this. It's totally disgusting and really limits my life as I daren't go very far from home for several days - I have had embarrassing incidents when I haven't got home quickly enough from the supermarket for example!

Anyway, as this is something unusual for you - especially since you shouldn't be getting breakthrough bleeding, I would definitely get this checked out by your doctor. Hope everything settles down for you and that you are OK x


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