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How and when did you clean port sites?

I had surgery Tuesday.

I have just taken the belly button dressing off, and where I’ve been laying, it’s stuck together, as in the top to the bottom of the belly button! And it hurts so much to even touch. I’m guessing it’s stuck with dried blood etc?

When did you remove dressings? They’ve told me to remove them and have a shower, but do not saturate them as they are dissolvable stitches.

And then do not re dress to let air get to them.

So far the belly button one is so sore and it’s just rubbing on my duvet :(

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I'm terrible for not listening, I tend to shower 4 days after surgery "If I feel ok" I just let water wash over the bellybutton then let it dry natural. I never had a problem with stitches dissolving due to shower water.


I’m scared to take the others off now as this one hurts so much now I’ve uncovered it.

Also I’m having flannel washes as I can’t get in the shower due to my catheter, they didn’t give me spare straps so these will get really wet!! So annoying!


Have you had a GP check on it to see it's not getting infected?


No I’ve only been back home since last night. I think it’s just where my belly button is quite deep, and I have chub there! And I think blood has dried and it’s stuck my belly button together. I think I need to wash it with a flannel perhaps xx


or maybe a ear cotton bud as it's smaller, I used to use TCP to clean around the wound but everyone has different ways of cleaning. Belly button stitching is the worst x


I cleaned mine with cooled boiled water and cotton pads, carefully wiping them and not jamming my fingers in my bellybutton and kept mine covered with cheapy dressings I brought from boots while I slept to stop them from rubbing on my duvet, I just showered normally 4 days after my surgery x


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