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Endo and food sensitivity


Hello everyone,

Since my laparoscopy I've noticed I've been incredibly sensitive to foods I was able to eat before.

I used to be able to eat certain cereals with wheat and now even the tiniest amount gives me horrible stomach cramps.

I've cut certain things out of my diet (sugar, cow milk, red meat etc) as they're all bad for endo and yet my list of foods I can't eat seems to be getting longer every week.

I've steered clear of wheat since this happened but I'm still getting some cramps, so I have to hope it will die down soon.

Did anyone else notice food sensitivities after their operation too?

Edit: I dont have IBS so I know it isn't that.

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Hi Bubble, i am identical to your system's. I had my lapo in march since then i can not have any thing sugary, i dobt eat alot of red meat anyway. I have loafs of greens and eat tons of fruit. Plain Greek is amazing for breakfast with berries, strawberries, bananas. It has reduce my bloatibg, wind and cramps.

Im on Norethisterone which is supposed to shrink endo i have Adenomyosis too.

My bleeding has stopped i was always on my period. Fingers crossed i may of turned a corner but definitely diet and bit of yoga helps. They want to do a full hysterectomy in August im prayering i will not need it now 😁 good luck x

Bubble_by in reply to Jude07-

Thank you for your reply. Hope it works for you! 🤞 X

Hi there, I had my lap in feb 2019 and food sensitivities have definitely worsened. I was diagnosed with IBS in my early 20s so changed my diet, I cut out wheat and dairy & I’m now in my 40s and the sensitivities of food varies constantly. I’m due to have my second lap in August I can only hope this helps as I’m fed up with the constant pain and sciatic symptoms. I changed to the anti-inflammatory diet so I’m gluten-free as well as whatever other food sensitivities I have. I think the Decapeptyl hormone injection & HRT medication is making me even more sensitive. It’s exhausting x

Oh and I’m now convinced that it never was IBS but endo & adeno all along.

Bubble_by in reply to stacylee78

Hope you're laparoscopy goes well. Yes it's very annoying when what you can't eat changes so much. Hope you're surgery goes well x

stacylee78 in reply to Bubble_by

Thank you 🙏🏼 it isn’t cancelled.

Mine wasn't so much after my operation(s) but more progressively over time. Like you, the list is increasing by the day! I have just stopped the pill which has helped in places (and not in others) but it might be worth looking also at the medication you're on. I hear this a lot from people in similar situations though, potentially because of the hormone imbalances associated with endo. I did the low FODMAP diet a few years ago to try and find some answers. Good luck x

Bubble_by in reply to Sarahhhbee

I didnt realise the pill (I'm taking it too) could cause issues with food sensitivities (stupid, I know) but I don't want to stop taking it as its helping my pain. I may look into FODMAP as a solution. Thank you for your ideas 🙂 x


Hello there.👋

I haven't had any surgeries for my endo and yet I too have not been able to eat many of the things I have been able to my whole life. Like you, the 'No' list just kept getting longer and longer over the years until all I eat now are plant based foods, even people on Keto eat better than i do! :d I seem unable to have any more dairy, red meat, gluten, refined carbs sugars etc etc. Even the 'one off treat' wrecks havoc on my system and i instantly regret it. I am convinced its the Endo that did this to my body. I was perfectly fine before it reared its ugly head! It seems endo is not just a pelvic thing it seems to affect the functions of other organs depending on its location and severity.

My only explanation would be because endometriosis is an inflammatory condition then any foods that cause inflammation would aggravate it. Eating anything other than plant based foods and anti-inflammatory foods will wreck havoc inside and that includes your digestive system. Sorry i am unable to help but just wanted you to know that you're not alone in this, Endo has taken over my life. ugh ><

Wishing you relief.

M x

Bubble_by in reply to Hidden

Yes, I think endo weakens your immune system generally too. It's very frustrating when all you realty want is McDonald's sometimes (I'm terrible, I know) but can't because you will have a flare up 😑. Thank you for your comments x

Hidden in reply to Bubble_by

Nw, anytime.

I was never a huge fan of junk food but I still enjoyed them as a one off here and there, which is fine, we're entitled to that guilty pleasure once in a while but I can't even do that now. Now all I have to do is look at a burger and my endo starts 😁.

How simple it was to just open the fridge and grab something or go into a restaurant and just eat anything (used to love pasta dishes) but now its research and find out what's what and what's not and always having to cook from scratch, although great it is not always ideal but you have to and on my flare-up days that's the last thing i want to do! So i end up eating porridge/ fruit salad, hummus dip etc cos i really cant be bothered.

Good old days huh?

All the best!

M x

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