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What exactly is 'endo diet'?

I have seen things about a specific diet for people who have endo. I've googled but I don't really understand it all :/ what exactly is best to avoid? I have ibs and dairy and wheat intolerance and should be cutting down on these but I'm naughty and still kinda eat the stuff haha! I have noticed that my pain gets a lot worse when I eat a lot of it? I think I need to follow the diet now and be really good as the pain is just getting too much now and hoping this will ease it. Thank you :) xx

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I don't know about the endo diet, but I do know that you should avoid unfermented soya like the plague, because of the phytoestrogens which mimic oestrogen and cause endo to flare. In general, soya milk, soya byproducts, all bad news for humans, male or female.

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I drink soya milk :o don't have a lot of it though. Just little bits in cups of tea and in porridge sometimes.


Stay well away from the soya! endo-resolved.com/soy.html



Maybe try almond milk instead? It's lovely x


Have a look at endo.resolve, website, it's got a good bit about good and bad foods for endo, and you can get books on Amazon, I'm going to give it a try so I'm getting a book, to explain and has receipe

Good luck


increase omega-3 fatty acids

avoid meat, dairy products, wheat and sugar

increase fibre

modulate estrogen

avoid caffeine and alcohol

avoid refined foods, e-numbers, additives

minimize or avoid soy products as they contain high levels of phyto-estrogens, and soy contains a particular toxin which seems to be particularly detrimental for women with Endometriosis

peel fruit and vegetables to remove toxic chemicals

eat organic produce wherever possible

drink lots of filtered or mineral water


Also try to remove other toxins from your life by switching to green cleaning products such as Ecocover and by using toiletries that do not contain Parabens, don't heat food in the microwave in plastic containers. I've found cutting caffiene out has helped, as has cutting red meat and wheat out.


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