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Food and pain?

Hi ive been trying to follow the endo diet as best as possible. However I had a bad food night on friday, some chocolate muffins and wheat biscuits. No pain though.. how quickly does it get triggered. Because sunday day I had a bad food day, hot chocolate, bread and small cake and sunday 3am pain started. Every night since sunday I'm having lower back pain through to the front from 3/4am. Lessens when I get up and start moving. But monday ,Tuesday I had no refined sugar and minimal carbs. I started 3/4 weeks ago for the first week and a half no pain..im losing my mind with what to eat and not eat

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Omg I have the same issue, if I eat anything with gluten or junk food, I get really bad heartburn and feel sick with stomach pains. But around my period it gets worse and I have never shown an intolerance to gluten before only the last few months


Try the endo diet it really helped me. Im kinda slim anyway so watch you eat ebough calories because over the last two years I went from 63/64 kilos to 55/57...

Stress has a lot to do with this 55 kilo weight since july..but its coming back up.to 57 now and I think 57-59 is good


Yeah I gained a lot of weight when I was on cerelle so I refuse to take any more contraception pills because I suffer badly with side effects. But the doctor kept forcing the combined pill on me


I.cant take any contraception pills, weight gain, mood swings(extreme), cluster headaches and migraines

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That's what they did to me. I take nothing and people are like what do you use then 😂 I'm like we just use condoms coz I'm not putting myself through he'll for the sake of it. Periods have got worse in the last couple of years but waiting on my second endo op to get it office surface of my bowel x


Meant to say hell for the sake of it lol


Gosh...I could have written this...

So my rule is ..try at least. One bad food(sugar,wheat,crisps,cake,hot chocolate) on the weekend. No trigger foods during the week. 1 third carbs and the rest protein,good fats..

Or no carbs and just protein and fats.

No animal products, no wheat, no refined sugars, no alcohol,no caffeine..

I juice 2/3 times a day. Non inflammatory fruits and dark green leaves.. 2 hours between each consumption..fruits on empty stomach dont ferment...thats whats bad for us..

3,4am. .seriously im just the same


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