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Lifestyle and endo

Lifestyle and endo

Hi all....

I recommend seeing a nutritionist ... A change of diet...

Cutting out certain foods that generally make endometriosis symptoms worse.

For example:

Gluten free

Cut saturated fats and bad foods

Water water water


I'm on my 4th day and I actually feel slightly better.... I'm 22 and not willing have injections that induce me in to the menopause!!! I still have at least 30 years in me. It's hard to change diet when you have been so use to eating and drinking what you want when you want.... But if you want to not be in pain at least try it.

Hope this helps guys!!!!


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Hyia, Ana

I agree, gluten -free, sugar free diet and water water water helped change my life of pain!

As it can be hard to eat out and I love eating out with my husband. I have a 80/20 rule which works for me. So on that 20% I don't eat correctly for me I notices the difference.

Good luck x


Thanks for posting. I am older than you, 33 :) and due a lap. I am considering a total lifestyle change and your post is encouraging. Keep me posted x


Hi, I agree diet change can help you cope better with Endo. I'm on a wheat/gluten/soya/dairy free diet and I drink plenty of water throughout the day.


Totally agree with you. I couldn't believe the difference cutting wheat and soya out my diet. I am less bloated, lost a few pounds, pain has reduced and bowel has settled down.

I had been eating Tesco finest granola bars for breakfast last week and noticed my pain, bowel problems and the most terrible flactulance creeping in again. Checked the ingredients and there is wheat flour in them. It is difficult to restrict your diet but once you get in to it and find its making a difference it gets better.

I actually heaved when walking past a bakery in Paris last month. The smell made me feel sick. I was the biggest cake/bread junkie before. Now I cant bear the thought of eating wheat.

Hope you continue to see benefits.



I'm going to give the endo diet ago. Basically a vegetarian diet without Alcohol, dairy and soy


Thanks everyone for the lovely comments about the diet. JANE ... Gluten free is important too. I recommend looking up foods too... And just seeing what they actually do to hormones and endometriosis! Quite shocking!!

Good luck!!

Ana x


I am so glad this works for some people. Any hope or help is priceless. I have found being wheat/ legume free doesn't do anything for my endo. HOWEVER, it does help my food allergies tremendously. ;)

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Hi, I have endo on my bowel and hence I get constipated very easily. I have been wheat free for years but cutting out caffeine, sugar, dairy and soy has really helped. Also taking digestive enzymes before each meal and sticking to 3 meals a day rule has helped keep my digestive tract clear and kept the pain away.


Great tips ladies, diet it key.

Also caffeine free is crucial as it can increase estrogen levels by upto 70%!!!

I actually found this the trickiest bit but nice herbal teas and gluten free Barley cup drink made this transition bearable.

Good luck!!

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Hi Mozzie

Thanks for the response!! What herbal teas do you recommend?


Peppermint is really nice as aids digestion and good in am.

Pukka teas are really nice, the 3 cinnamon is really warming in winter and when u have your period. Or you can just boil a cinnamon stick for 5-7min.

Rooiboosh is a really good alternative to black tea, as it gives that dark flavour and you can add milk if you really can't do without.

There is a really nice earl grey Rooiboosh one.

Nettle is good for detoxing, I have it with peppermint to make it more palatable.

Any really as long as they don't have added sugar or flavourings.



I love earl grey tea..: have you ever tried the pukka love ... It contain camomile, rose and lavender... I fancy trying that one!!

I find pukka tea range fantastic... I have the Manuka honey with ginger and lemon.

Thanks for your reply x


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