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Food problems

Happy new year everyone!

Just a quick question. Does anyone else have endo and struggle with dairy and gluten foods. I had some milk with cereal this morning and the worse heartburn AGAIN!

Everything I eat gives me heartburn and I don’t even eat unhealthy, I’ve noticed foods with gluten do set it off though and dairy.

Can this be linked to endo? I have other signs as well

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I have stage 4 endo and feel a lot better when I eliminate gluten from my diet and limit dairy as much as possible xxx


I haven’t been diagnosed yet but I’m going private to see an endo specialist. I’ve tried strong painkillers, three types of contraceptive pills and diet is my last resort before surgery probably xx


I developed severe reflux esophagitis after my excision surgery, id just had occasional reflux before when I drank wine mostly..

I didn't do dairy anyway and I've since stopped gluten.

I kept a food and symptoms diary to identify my triggers and also tried a lower fodmap diet for a while which I'm gradually relaxing.

Apparently the casein type in dairy milk is bad for you. Originally cows' milk had A2 beta casein, the same as human milk. But dairy production caused a mutation into A1 beta casein that has seemingly been proven to have adverse effects on immune and endocrine function and, on autoimmunity and allergies. There does seem to be a case that it is potentially harmful for anyone, but particularly for someone with an immune/endocrine disease like endo. A2 milk is available or there are numerous plant milk alternatives soya, almond, oat milk, rice milk etc.




Gluten is known to be inflammatory due to gluten but also Amylase trypsin inhibitors (ATIs) .

This retrospective clinical research lends weight to the view excluding it can be beneficial for Endo with 75% of people seeing reduced symptoms after 12 months.




Gluten also has an autoimmune connection. It triggers the release of zonulin which can contribute to increased intestinal permeability (so called “leaky gut”) , which, though not recognised by the medical establishment or NHS (due to outlandish claims in the alternative health industry) does have a growing body of evidence supporting it, and also appears to have associations with auto immune diseases.




Fasano’s clinical research on zonulin




Definitely. For me, gluten causes bloating and gas, dairy causes diarrhoea, and sugar causes terrible cramping. I’ve eliminated all three of those components as best I can from my diet and feel much better.


Have you been checked for coeliac disease ( blood test) or stomach ulcer ( breath or blood test). Are you taking heaps of nurofen or anti inflammatory meds as they will cause stomach pain . So stop thenm if you are taking them and get an antacid Med from chemist or Gp. Michael Mosley’s book clever guts has a diet and suggest cutting out gluten and dairy for a few weeks. And then gets you in a healthy diet to promote healthy gut bacteria which are anti-inflammatory. But I find any eating can aggravate my endep if it’s bad. Not any type of food just food in my stomach!


I got checked for coeliac disease back in July. I don’t take any painkillers anymore as they don’t help


Gluten makes me feel really nauseous dairy and eggs gives me bad gas and large meals give me stomach aches 😂


Hi I've also found I'm better since cutting out cereals and only have milk in tea, coffee but minimal amounts. Yogurts seem to be OK. Also think cheese can make it worse too so try to cut down on that.


Hi mine is slightly different I get swelling after eating certain foods like milk and dairy products my consultant has advised me to try a lactose and gluten free diet as this might help, my consultant said it is linked to the endometriosis

Hope this helps xx


Being raw vegan is massively helping me with all my symptoms x


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