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Is this endo?

Hi I have been to my GP and gyno and they have suggested I may have endometriosis, a few in my family have PSCO and theyre testing for this too but no results as yet.

My periods arent always regular for example this months was 11 days late.

I would describe my pain (sorry if this is too much info) for the week before my period as 3/10 uncomfortable and distracting yet sometimes a moderate 4/10. I have loose bowels which causes me a fair amount of pain. Then when my period arrives the first day is horrendous, my pain can go right up to 7/8 it massively impacts my life to the point where some times i have to take the day off work. This pain can sometimes fade to a 5/6 with ibrufen but comes back. The pain is not as bad for the rest of the period and I can normally go about my daily life the rest of the period. I get leg pain and on that first day I cannot seem to have the energy to walk.

Another symptom is painful sex, sex brings a dull ache to me, when I first became sexually active for the first couple of years it was a sharp pain in my stomach now its a dull ache pain.

I do think its endometriosis but then this month when I came on I had extreme diarrhoea, I was 11 days late but not extreme period pain and the pain left when I took an ibrufen. This has made me doubt endometriosis.

however I dont want a laparosy if its unnecessary?


painful peri

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The only way to confirm endo is a lap but there are alternative methods that are tried first such as contraceptive pills and change in diet etc.

I have painful sex and 7-8/10 during my period and a dull ache a week before. Everyone is different though as I have medium flow and not heavy bleeding


Has your endo been confirmed? I also have medium flow and not heavy bleeding.


I’m having a lap soon hopefully but I went private this time with an endo specialist and he thinks it could be endo.

Everyone is different as some women have endo and no pains and others have lots of pain and bleeding etc

Endo doesn’t show on Pelvic ultrasounds unless it’s on your ovaries. The gynaes on the nhs kept saying there’s nothing wrong with me because it came back clear


All these posts I have read ring all the same bells with me. I’m new to the endometriosis group. I am still waiting on seeing a gynaecologist before confirmation of me having it. Have been having problems for two years. I really didn’t think it was a problem we could have


I have both pcos and endo. I had the blood tests for polycystic ovaries and nothing was picked up on, however it was picked up in an ultrasound. The things you describe/symptoms sound like how mine were before my lap. I had pain before during and sometimes after my period. Id never heard of endo until about three months before my lap when I was finally referred. Xx


You'd need the laparoscopy to be diagnosed - but your symptoms do sound like it could be endometriosis. The actual symptons vary woman to woman - I've never had especially painful or heavy periods, but I find sex very painful.


Let me guess because of your bowel symptoms you were told you had ibs 😮 I have painful sex and loose or constipation I also got pain leading up to my period (but the coil has stopped that) I have been diagnosed with endo through an lap so I would its not unnecessary 😮 Lap is the only way to diagnose endo and it sounds like it could be endo 😮


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