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Mirena coil?

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Just wanting some advice/reassurance on the Mirena coil, I had it fitted 3 weeks ago, didn’t have much of a choice as doctors said they wouldn’t do a second laparoscopy without me trying the coil first. Also got prescribed naproxen to try and reduce the amount of codeine I’m taking (wayyyy to much for a 19yr old). Naproxen seems to helping in conjunction with a little less codeine. Am dreading having a period once a month though. Just wondering if anyone found the Mirena coil helped in anyway and if so how long did it take to start working?

3 Replies
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For me the Mirena was a great solution. It stopped my periods completely within a couple of months and pain was significantly reduced. Everybody is different but I'd give it at least a couple of months. Hope it helps you!

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I had mine fitted during a laparoscopy. My first period after was quite difficult but from then on everything was so much better. Bleeding completely stopped after around 6 months but even up until then it was much lighter and pain greatly reduced. I understand it doesn’t work for everyone but for me it was the best thing I ever did. I’m on my second now. Hope it works for you too.

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I had mine fitted last year as doctors couldn’t do anymore to help me. I would give it a few months and the pain is less and only a light period. Hope it works for you wish you all the best

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