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CBD to help endo&IBS pain?


I started smoking weed socially about 2 years ago (maybe once a month). I noticed how much it helped my endo pain alongside my IBS AND my sleep. My pain has been excruciating at the moment and I cannot smoke weed all the time ( due to living with parents, money etc). I’ve done a lot of research on CBD oil, balms, creams and vapour. I was wondering if anyone has used any products, if they help and if you would recommend. The only pain killers I have at the moment is co-codamol and I’m using hot water bottles almost every minute of each day. Ironically, co-codamol messes my bowels up even more and paracetamol and ibuprofen are not strong enough. Due to quarantine, I’m depressed and in a lot of pain, any help would be appreciated.

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Hi Endoella. Yes, I have used CBD tablets from H&B. I can't take any NSAID and/or Pregabalin , Gabapentine, antidepressant, as I react to them. Hence, I used CBD Tablets. They certainly reduced the anxiety associated with pain, they reduced the pain and they simply made me feel better all round in myself, something I had not experienced for months. Because I am so sensitive to tablets, they were strong enough for me. A lot of endo warriors find the CBD tablet from H&B are not strong enough for their pain. It really depends on people. I took the tablets rather than the oil as I was advised the oil has a very strong taste that puts people off. I have heard of online sites, like Simply CBD, but I am sure if you do a search, you will see what the ladies recommend based on their experience. I hope you find the product that will suits you and stop these hideous pains. Good luck.

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Thanks so much, I did some more research last night and purchased some hemp flower and CBD oil, hoping they both help x

Hi endoella, I was told CBD oil I'm yet to try but when I was at my worst I wanted to try anything and found weed helped. But obviously it's expensive and I dont want a habit so if you find any oils or CBD tablets I'd love to hear some suggestions please xx

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Heyy, I’ve just bought hemp flower which looks like weed, but doesn’t get you high! I also bought cbd oil along side it. The website is called ‘Tonic Vault.’ As soon as I try them both I will reply here and let you know! I paid 47 for both, which is expensive but I’m willing to try anything at this point! Xx

Hi, I had to take co-codamol in hospital a while ago for pain and the nurse recommended eating two kiwis before breakfast to help prevent constipation. As for the CBD, I use capsules and a balm from Holland and Barrett. The only problem is it’s really expensive, but the balm is cheaper and has a warming effect which really helps me.

Hope the pain eases soon xxx

hello! i've tried cbd oil, and i used to smoke weed, and honestly it didn't do much. it certainly did help with the anxiety associated with the pain - so i still felt the pain, although it was slighlty dulled and i wasn't stressing about it like i usually do because i'm so desperate for it to stop. and so it definitely helped, but i can't imagine it helping much when the pain gets excruciating, like during a flare up or when i'm on my period! but it did help when i was trying it on a regular day as i have fluctuating cramps constantly. it did, however, help my bowel pain. i really hope it's something that can help you a lot more than it helps me! i suppose it works differently for everybody, and it's definitely something that's worth trying, especially if you've noticed that it's helped you before. i hope it does, and if not, i hope you find something that does! x

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also, one of your tags is sciatica! i deal with this, too, ever since i fractured my coccyx, and cbd didn't do anything for that pain, but again i hope it can help you!

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