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CBD and Endometriosis


Hi everyone,

Does anyone have any experience with CBD oil and endo pain management.

I’m thinking about giving it a go as medicated pain killers don’t always do the trick and my symptoms are particularly bad at the moment!

Only a month and a half until my next laparoscopy so just need something to help in the meantime :)

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!

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Hey! Sorry to hear you’re in pain. I’ve tried CBD and I’m currently still taking it. I have found it’s really helped me. One of my symptoms that actually got worse after my lap was really achey collar bones (apparently it’s due to nerve damage) and I was experiencing this every single day. As well as still a few twinges in my side. CBD has totally taken all that pain away. I also suffered with anxiety, I’m not sure if it was caused by endo but that’s really helped me with that also. I get mine from a website called The Original Alternative (used to be CBD Brothers), and the green oil or capsules is recommended to start, although it’s an energising strain so not recommended If you have anxiety. So I take the purple capsules as they’re easier to take than the oil and it’s a relaxing strain. There’s also a Facebook group called Herbal Alternative where the experts can provide recommendations. It’s definitely worth a shot!! Xxx

lslo23 in reply to DEvangeline

That’s great thank you!

I use an e cigarette so my husband who works in the vaping industry has got me some I can put in there but I’ll definitely have a look at the capsules.

Anxiety can get so bad sometimes so definitely need to be mindful of that!

Thanks 😊😊

DEvangeline in reply to lslo23

Ah yes sorry I forgot you can vape it! Whatever works best for you. It’s definitely worth it 😊 good luck xx

I take 100mg of cbd oil (in capsule form) every day and have really noticed a difference in pain levels and my general well being. Like devangeline I also use The Original Alternative, although I get the blue strain. If you’re looking to vape it then you could get a sample of one of the oils and see what you think :)

Do you know if it’s safe to have CBD capsules with the contraceptive pill? My gyn put me on the pill to help with endo but it’s still painful. Was gonna give cbd a try but im worried

I can’t imagine it would interfere at all but of course would be best to check with your gp :) x

Thanks so much! Well..GP’s are very behind in CDB info i think but I’ll ask :)

I used CBD to supplement ibuprofen in recovery from my excision laprascopy and for general endo pain. I was able to reduce pain meds by a lot by doing this. Usually 20 mg capsules. The gummies are good but take longer to kick in. Also helped me with mild anxiety and nausea

I also use the original alternative and take the capsules and have been doing so since January. I found it takes a little while to get into your system and for you to notice the effects but just how much it helped was evident when I ran out of it after 2 months of taking it daily and within a few days the chronic backache I had Almost forgot about was back. I take the blue edition 100mg.

I couldn’t be without it now.


I've tried EVERYTHING for pain management NOTHING helps me including CBD oil, it's useless. I have tried several brands from mid range price to expensive, with no relief. It just made me slightly sleepy. Everyone is different, but in my opinion save your money, it's shit. Good luck on your upcoming lap procedure. I had one done when I was 30, endo grew back 6 years later :(. I am 49 now and it's gotten so bad I can't take the pain anymore and super heavy bleeding. Mine has spread everywhere, bladder, rectum, bowels and pelvis. I hope they can contain yours. Best of luck ❤

Yes I just started with vaping CBD oil (dragonfruit flavor) 4 days ago. So far it has been helping with my endo.

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