Pain relief: anyone find any super good pain killer that isnt a NSAID?

Ive edometroisis..waiting more surgery. ovary stuck to pelvic wall. pain all the time, all day everyday... cant take non steroidals (nsaids) or aspirin because of platelet disorder. has anyone found anything else any good?!! ive tried tramadol dont like side effects it has on me... solpadol is ok but doesnt ever get rid of pain..anyone tried blocks? . please help girls :)

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    I can't take NSAIDs either. My doctor prescribed codeine which I take together with paracetamol which I have found brilliant. Really does work and you don't feel spaced out like when you take tramadol, hope this helps.

  • I'd love to know the answer to this too. I also can't take NSAID's either but I also and take codeine. At the moment all I can take is paracetamol :(

  • I'm the same, have a stomach ulcer that keeps flaring up because of NSAIDs . I can only take paracetamol , tramdol or codydamol , heat bags are a little help, also I've tried arnica pilletts (as they are for bruising and swelling).

  • What are blocks, ???

  • Have u tried going gluten free? Has helped me lots throughout the month.

  • Codeine is good, although it can make you a bit constipated, so I'd go a bit carefully with this. Heat bags are also great, and I also found the diet changes (no gluten or caffeine) made a difference. Good luck.

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