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Has anyone tried the Naproxen for pain relief?

I found the ibuprofen wasn't really working that well, but just considered that it might have a funny effects as when I take tramadol it makes me feel dizzy and gives me a headache. But it works well for the pain, it hard trying to find a happy medium, so you can try and continue your life as best as you can. Thanks in advance xx

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Hey there,

I have never used naproxen but I am currently on mefenamic acid, I believe all these meds belong to the same family of drugs including ibuprofen they are are all Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) to help relieve pain and inflamation, like you I find ibuprofen doesn't touch my pain, yet I swear by mefenamic acid (500) so it's certainly worth a try!!

Tramadol does the same for me, great for the pain but I'm like a zombie on it lol, I also don't like taking it too much if I can help it as it really is a strong drug, I try to keep it for really really bad pain

Hope that helps xxx

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Hi, thanks for the information, I will try it but if it doesn't agree with me I will be asking my docs for that, I can't be trying to go back to work feeling like or looking like I'm off my head lol xx


No not a good look lol... Tramadol is serious stuff indeed!!! Hopefully it will help you xxx



I must say I've tried lots of things... Ibuprofen, Paracetamol, Mefanamic Acid, Naproxen, and every over the counter drug for periods.

Naproxen from your Gp will be much stronger than the over the counter stuff ( i think Feminax is 250mg Naproxen and my prescription is 500mg). If you can predict your periods well enough and take the Naproxen a day before, and then carry on taking it throughout your period then it should work.

Unfortunately because i have no idea when my periods will start, i was taking it when i was in a lot of pain, and found it didn't work for me.

Ive now got a prescription for Codeine, which I'm hoping will take the edge off the pain when it gets really bad at silly o clock in the morning!

Hope you find something for your pain! Xx


I have been using prescription Naproxen for migraines, which didn't help but I noticed it did help reduce my Endo pain.

I have mefanemic acid but my body just doesn't agree with it. I shouldn't really take any NSAIDs because I have previously had stomach ulcers but I take laproprozole to protect the lining.

If you start taking anything stronger than ibuprofen just keep an eye on your stomach, long term use can damage it, I damaged mine with Feminax.

Also, I would just like to suggest using ibuprofen gels. Apply them to your abdomen around the area of pain and leave to absorb. I often find these help quicker and are sometimes more effective.

Good luck and I hope you find some pain relief soon! Xxx



I use tramadol and naproxen and then I also take an anti sickness tablet as I seem to suffer from nausea a lot. Tramadol and naproxen seem to take the edge off but definitely far from being pain free. Being booked in for a laporoscopy soon so hopefully that should help!

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I am on naproxen because I work in a legal capacity so can't take anything that could alter my consciousness or perception, I am also allergic to tramadol (although I think thats a good thing, opiates are not the long term answer!!). It is brilliant, although don't ever take it on an empty stomach - ouch!!

Good luck xx


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