does endo come back??

just a few questions im wandering if anyone knows as everyone i speak to dont seem to be sure about anything, i had a laperoscomy with laser treatment for my endo (thermal albation) does this mean i dont have endometriosis anymore or was that just pain relief treatment?? could it grow back??? could it gow back worse?? since the operation i havent been in as much pain, but am still bleeding every two weeks and am extremly tyred all the time.

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  • You still have endometriosis. Removal of endometriosis lesions and/or scar tissue formed from endometrial cells that bleed are (from what I understand) to help relieve pain and discomfort from the bleeding of these endometrial cells. Also surgeons laser away these cells to attempt to improve fertility if the lesions and/or scar tissue were found in a place that can affect the egg reaching the fallopian tube or womb. It might grow back, or it might not, or might come back in a different place. It may be less than before, the same, or worse. Doctors still don't know...

    Have the doctors suggested you go on any hormone treatment? Zolodex/Prostap injections restricts the amount of estrogen in your body thus inhibiting the growth of these endometrial cells, or so the theory goes, so gives your body time to recover from surgery, and no periods: theoretically no bleeding :D ! How long ago did you have your thermal albation. It took me 6 weeks to recover from pain from laparoscopy and cyst drainage. xx

  • Unfortunately it does come back and often with a vengence as scaring from operations can make the pain worse. I'm due to have my 3rd lot of laser treatment in a couple of weeks x

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  • its been 7 weeks since the op i feel loads better then i did before, but cant help but still worry, im trying for a baby now so am on no birth control, i was very stupid and walked out of hospital couple ov hours after operation so didnt wait to see the doctor, (i know how silly that was now) but was very emotional when i woke up and wasnt thinking strait due to the drugs, i left without asking any questions, the day after i knew i should have stayed.

    and ginger, thank you i hope your next op goes well.

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  • Glad you feel better after your operation Kezza :) ... You managed to walk out of hospital 2hrs after op? I am impressed! I had to stay in over night as practically passed out in toilets 3 hrs after operation as felt so weak... have you got a doctors check up? My advice, be patient and let your body heal before trying for a baby, it worked for me - but then everyone is different. I tried for a baby 2 yrs before my lap last May, then had Prostap from June - Septemeber and then periods returned in October and I conceived in the New Year and am now 21 weeks with my 1st baby. I think if I didn't let body heal up properly by stopping ovulation and periods then my body wouldn't have been strong enough to be able to carry a baby, but then that is my body as it can be pretty feeble at times. xx

  • zolta, thank you so much for your advice, i do heal very quick, i was back to normal activitys ( walking around) a week after, i panic really bad when in hospital they freak me out, i was in alot ov pain but my partner was here when i got home and looked after me. sorry to hear you had a bad time, and im really happy for you n your pregnancy, wish you luck, i had my son at 26 week so wouldnt wish that on anyone, i hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well and good luck with the birh xxx

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