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3 weeks post lap does anybody know if my belly button looks infected


Does anybody think this could be infected under my belly button 3 weeks post op laproscopy adhesions removal. Anybody else had this happen only started to go red yesterday but looks worse tonight thanks.

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Redness definitely a sign of infection I would get that checked ASAP x

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I had an infection a week after lap had antibiotic finished them early last week been back at work for 2 days which entails heavy lifting and constantly on my feet and this is whats happened.

Definitely get it checked for reassurance. Am on antibiotic cream for button infection post lap 4 weeks ago - mines not red but very oozy 😖 any signs of infection (of which new/worsening redness is one!) is worthy of a check up 👍🏼 Hope it settles quickly for you xx

Thanks so much im going to phone doctorsthis morning.

Mine started going like that a few days ago. Currently 18 days post lap. I got some TCP liquid and sat with it in my belly button for about half an hour at a time three times a day. After 2 days the redness went away and the wounds have completely healed over. I've had no redness now for about three days.

Ps it stings like a b***h when you do it, but it killed the infection without antibiotics.

Got appointment with doc this morning hopefully get sorted getting pxxed off now.

They should give you antibiotics for it. I freaked out but when the infection went away it started to heal really quickly. How are you feeling otherwise? I hope your surgery went well.

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