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Post Lap Advice - Weeping Belly Button


Hi Ladies,

I'm 4 days post lap, and my belly button has been leaking clear fluid the whole time. I don't think its infected, there is no smell and the fluid is colourless. I have heard that the fluid they use to prevent adhesions can leak in this way, but everything I have read about it suggests that the fluid is reabsorbed by the body within a couple of days. My tummy is still swollen too. Can anyone with a similar experience offer some insight?


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Provided it remains clear - you should be fine.

It's when it turns yellowy or greeny like pus, and stringy and crusty too then you need it looking at.

~sniff for smells too.

Keep it clean with antiseptic wipes and regular dressing changes and also lie back and let it air dry too when you can. So far it sounds okay, but you're not out of the woods just yet.

You might want to gt your local clinic nurse to perhaps put another stitch in there is the clear liquid keeps on coming out. It's surprisingly not that much between the skin and the gaping cavern behind it.

My glue plug popped out and I had a super view inside my own tummy....yep it did end up getting an infection which took ages to treat, and all my own fault for meddling with the thing.

That was nearly 15 years ago and i really was a muppet and naive about infection control. Learned a hard lesson that time. But still also learned that there isn't that much inside behind the belly really is a cave in there !!

sujs1972 in reply to Impatient

How scary!!! I don't think I want to see inside my tummy (although I have seen pictures!) Thanks for the reply - I will keep my eye on it. X

Mine was the same took weeks to heal too! But cleaning it with salt and boiled water helped to keep it clean and clear of infection healed nicely now with a very tiny scar :) xxx

Thanks Beth, it's discharging a very small amount of greenish gunk now. Umming and Ahhing about going to the walk in centre. :/ Hate that place!!

bethyb95 in reply to sujs1972

Give it a clean and see how it looks tomorrow that's what I'd do then probably best to go walk in centre you'll most likely get some anti biotics xxx

I think I'll hang on till tomorrow unless it gets much worse anyway - that district nurse is coming to take my stitches out (if she turns up!!).

bethyb95 in reply to sujs1972

Well I hope it gets better and heals quickly for you! Xxx

Thankyou X

Mine done that, clean it with cotton swabs using cooled boiled water.

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