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Feeling really down- need a moan!

So for the past few days I’ve been getting nerve and tension pain where my very large recto vaginal nodule was removed.

I’ve got myself all depressed thinking all my endo is back and I just feel really sad. I must add I’ve had a stressful week and I think it’s aggrevated my nerves hence the pain. I’m 7 months post major excision.

Reassurance and hand hold most welcome 😢 xx

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Nerve pain sucks. I've had bouts of it since my surgery in November where I had a nodule removed from my uterosacral ligament. I can't say anything useful other than I get the frustration. So just sending a virtual hug instead! :)


Thank you for replying to me.

I think I get down because the pain is where my nodule was and I’ve convinced myself it’s back.

I just don’t get why I have pain. If it’s a life long pain that I guess I need to manage it but I don’t really fancy going on medication xx


My GP tried me on Amitriptyline for the nerve pain but it just made me feel drugged and unable to function plus still in pain! I find my tens machine a good distraction (though temporary) and doing some pilates stretches can really help to, though it can be hard to motivate yourself when the pain is bad. I get the panic though. Every time I feel a pain im worried my surgeon missed something. I get nerve pain running through my hip into my right leg which is exactly where the pain radiated from my nodule....this is the illness that just keeps giving isn't it?!


That’s EXACTLY what I get... only difference is mines all on the left.

I woke up in the night with terrible pain in lower calf and my foot. I just don’t want to get out of bed which is not like me as I am one to get up and get on with things...

I wonder if it’s just something we have to live with??? I mean the place we had surgery is full of nerves and ligaments, I just wish there was more info post op long term. There’s a lot on few weeks after op but not really months... My logic tells me it’s not bad as I don’t have any of the horrific bowel period pain I had before but there’s a niggly voice in my head saying it is...oh the joys!!!! Xx


*****not back


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