General illnesses/ feeling really down

Hi there,

Just wondering if anyone can help me;

Do any of you struggle to overcome general illnesses and recovery takes a lot longer? When you have 'general illnesses' does it make your endo worse?

I just find myself wanting to curl up in a ball and not move.

Also how are everyone's mood swings? At present I just constantly feel down and fed up and that I'm fighting a loosing battle with everything which causes me to become angry and snap at the people closest to me.

Sorry for going on I hope my post makes sense hope to hear from some of you guys soon :) x

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  • YES! YES! thought I was alone on this. Im on anti depressants for my moods too. I find it hard to explain to people.

  • In the nicest possible way I am glad to hear I'm not alone if you know what I mean :) I just find it so hard for people to understand me x

  • Hi. How you feeling today? Anything as simple as a headache wipes me out I read somewhere that our immune systems are fighting the endometriosis all the time and struggle with other problems. I just try to sleep and not over do it when I'm feeling unwell but it's not really that practical! I find I have days that I'm positive and won't let it beat me and days that I'm just exhausted with it and the constant worry it puts on the people around me. I do find reading posts on here helps as we aren't alone with it. Xx

  • Hi. I feel so rubbish today I have such a bad ear ache it's literally wiping me out. I literally stumbled through my shift like a zombie it's so hard.

    I know exactly what you mean I try to be positive but then some days it really knocks me back. This forum is amazing to receive support/advice from others, hope your feeling ok xx

  • I told my bf that if 50 girls from this site would have a conversation regarding endo he would know the reality he is older but I feel wore out. He is s jock and is fit but never had a surgery I had many surgeries and may need another since I feel crippled these last 8 months plus ear ache and sinus tooth all falling apart plus my feet and weight gain just so mad these days I have other health issues mesh bladder test results found Kinsey and liver cyst my boobs hurt bad it's such a terrible way to live

  • I'm exhausted 24/7 and it's killing me working full time and trying to do routine stuff like shopping, cleaning, ironing etc I get home from work and sleep for a couple of hours and force myself to stay away till 10pm and then wake at 7am and could cry I'm so tired 😩😩

  • I can only sympathise how you feel I am constantly exhausted and just want to be in bed all the time as soon as I get home from work all I want to do is go straight to bed πŸ˜” I try to drag it out as much as possible as it's hard for people close to me to understand x

  • Amen to that... I'm sure people think I'm just lazy!! I wish!!!!! Been to doctors for blood tests as I'm so tired all the time... and they've picked up on very low vitamin D (result of 29) and raised inflammation in my blood??? So I guess that's not helping either. Been on high vitamin D prescription for 10 days now and don't feel hardly any benefit... I have a friend who has MS and compared to her I'm like a 90yr old woman 😩

  • That's exactly how I feel! I would love to be lazy!! Oh gosh doesn't sound good πŸ˜” every time I go to the doctors and say how exhausted I am I get the feeling that they think I'm exaggerating πŸ˜” some days I literally could cry as I don't know how to carry on x

  • Push them hun, as with endo, I've push with the exhaustion too - had first set of blood tests which came back 'normal' so I asked them what they were going to donnext as I can't live like this. They then did a more detailed set of blood tests which identified the Vitamin D deficiency and 'inflammation'... I'm not sure about this inflammation thing - not sure if it could be endo/adenomyosis related as my pain has been worse/constant of late. I too feel like I'm looked at like a fraud when I complain of fatigue - told the nurse I may as well be dead as I'm not living a life and I think she then took notice. I try and prepare over the weekend as best I can so I have less to do during the week or else I panic that I can't cope. I totally know how you feel hun and it's certainly not normal so keep pushing for answers/help xx

  • My fatigue has been a lot worse recently. I'm totally shattered for at least two weeks every cycle...which is only 25 days long, then pain/ maybe 8 days where I feel ok per 25 day cycle. I feel like the GP is just 'oh, tired all the time...that old chestnut...' I'm sure everybody wishes they had more energy, but my 71 year old mother has about three times the energy I have. My bloods came back normal except ferritin was low, but the GP said that didn't really mean anything...why test for it then?? I'm struggling to cope with work. I'm sure people think I'm lazy, but on the days I feel well I rush around cleaning the flat, catching up on work, trying to see friends because I know it won't last. Has Vitamin D helped you? The fatigue has to change, I just can't cope with it.


  • Awww, you poor thing. So far the high vitamin D prescription hasn't helped - not sure how long it takes to feel any benefit but I've been on them 11 days. I'm gonna go back and pester them as it's clearly NOT normal to feel this way. Did your GP only do one set of blood tests and my first lot came back normal so I had to push the issue hence the second lot? x

  • I feel for you I really do. I'm exactly the same my fatigue lasts for long periods of time at the minute I keep asking to be tested for it but don't get anywhere πŸ˜”I find it so hard for people to understand as I'm always cancelling things due to pure exhaustion/pain. I find it so hard to shrug off general illnesses as well I've had an ear infection for 5 weeks now it's running me to the ground πŸ˜” I hope they manage to get you sorted keep me posted xx

  • It's awful isn't it how you just feel like your not listened to and may as well talk to a brick wall, I am struggling so much with exhaustion at the minute I admitted to my mum today I'm running myself into the ground and I don't know how much longer I can do this πŸ˜” xx

  • I really do feel for you hun, it's truly horrible!! All I can say is that I'm gonna keep pushing... I'm going to make another GP appt to say the vitamin D prescription isn't doing anything. She did say if they didn't work she'd look into why there was inflammation in my blood. Just utterly frustrating to find the energy to keep on at them to get to the bottom of things. Who knows, it might all be due to endo, I just don't know. All I do know is I refuse to carry on like this. Please push push push them and keep me posted hun. Big hugs x

  • My doctor gave me 5 min of his time since he had to golf- I cried I left without results or pain meds in which I try not masking but it's at the point something is inside and no one cares. It's not in my mind I'm scared something serious is going to happen waiting on someone to take me serious thanks to this site in able to be understood.

  • I seem to get more colds than other people and they seem to last longer too.

  • Good knowing I'm not the only one there are days I feel exactly the same - I hate it and don't want to push someone away when I have limited support it sucks they can't just allow us to vent although stress isn't good but it helps with moods and who wouldn't be angry with daily chronic pain and a loss of life since being ill these many years it frustrate seeing people carry on busy life while I'm stuck I never choose this but many think it's all in are heads including Doctors

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