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New symptoms really down today

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Hi all

I really hope your not suffering too much, I’m having an awful day today I even gave in and took the day off work as I just couldn’t move this morning, I have literally laid on the sofa and rested the whole day long and I’m still in agony, stomach, back etc but today I’ve notice I keep getting tingling sensations in my legs and both legs are absolutely excruciating I really don’t know what to do I’ve tried a warm bath, naproxen etc and nothing seems to be helping, anyone know what this could be and what I could do to help?


Joely xx

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Sorry to hear you’re suffering. I had left left numbness, it was constantly numb along my shin bone for 7 months, just happened one day and never went away. Mine was finally relieved when I had surgery in May and they said Endo was probably pressing on a nerve but I didn’t get any real explanation. If it continues I’d mention it to your gynaecologist (they may dismiss it as they do most things lol)

I hope you’re having a better day today x

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Joely21 in reply to Char411

Thank you for your reply and sorry to hear you suffered for so long I’m trying to be strong and stick it out but it’s awful my legs feel like a dead weight, the most stupidest thing is I’m currently trying to get re referred as my last gynaecologist ( a locus doctor) told me to have a baby and discharged me!!

Hope your ok xx

I know how you feel, I returned to work last week after been in hospital and now I'm back on the sick for 3 weeks! I've been in bed since 6pm and I don't want to move now but I feel sorry for the kids who are probably sick of mummy moaning all the time! And I know my

Husband thinks I just say I'm not well half the time! I have the backache and sometimes the tops of my legs are painful too. I'm back at clinic in 4 weeks so I'm looking into asking for a full hysterectomy.

Hi I got new symptoms and had to take a week off work all GPs wanted to do was give me more painkillers taking 90mg of coedine and naprox and paracetamol. My endo nurse suggested a scan and I now feel like I may get some answers hope you do too.

My scan has shown stuff and I can now get it addressed the drugs weren't working and not anwsering why I have had pain for 1 month on a daily basis.

Good luck and access endo nurse and GP to get help I dialled 111 when it got too bad.

Take care xxxx

Ive had a scan so I know where the problems are I've had pro stap injection injection already but been 4 weeks since that and I feel no better! I hope you get help to make your symptoms better too xxx

Hi i had the analogue injection 4 weeks ago and still feel no better but i have an endometrioma and a displaced mirena as well. Sorry I ddn't know you had had a scan. I have previously had an MRI and now know that I have adenomyosis as well which may not respond to endo treatment.

I feel like you have to battle to be heard and find out which is hard when in constant pain. I'm sure you know that the injections (the one I had can) can make symptoms worse the 1st month they told me by the 3rd month we should know if it will help. Is pro stap the same as the gonadotrophin analogues I am having sorry i don't know ? i'm no expert the endo helplines are good.

Anyway good luck too xx

It is a constant battle with them I'm considering been referred to a different hospital as my friend suffered the same and got sent to another one out of town and got the help she needed. I think I won't get better atm was feeling really sorry for myself yesterday do you have days like that too? Pro stap is a hormone that stops ovaries working im on hrt now so I don't get menopause symptoms I have to go back in 3 months to have my next injection. I hope your symptoms can be treated it's really frustrating I'm just glad i had my kids when I was younger xxx

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