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It's Christmas, but feeling down

Hi all,

Merry Christmas to you all. Hope you all are having a painfree time.

I Had a lap done 5 weeks ago to remove Endo from my bladder, bowels, overies and Virgina and remove adhesions which were stck to everything. At the moment I'm not in a lot of pain, the only pain I have is the post-op pain where the stitches are.

I woke this morning feeling fine, being in a festive mood, looking forward to tomorrow, being with my hubby and kids, come lunch time I felt completely drained, depressed, I felt like crying and didn't feel like talking to anyone and I don't know why. All I want to do is cry. i haven't told anyone how I'm feeling, I'm hiding it with a fake smile as I don't want to upset anyone.

Anyone else feeling a little down for no reason?

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Hi Sweetyassi

I'm so sorry you are feeling so down. Christmas is a very emotional time and so high pressure. I am having to try hard too. It seems every year I have my period at Christmas. I've just come off Qlaira as it was causing me so many migraines and nosebleeds and now I can't sleep with the restless leg syndrome. My Sophrology helps me a lot though so I know I a, better as before I would have reached for the Xanax. We always feel we have to explain ourselves and Christmas leaves us little place to hide not just for others but from ourselves too. I find Geranium essential oil boosts my mood if you have any. Do you have any pets? I always find mine a wonderful support. They just know when I a, not well or just feeling low and are there for me. I don't need to say anything, explain myself or apologise they just want to be there. My cats will often curl up on my belly when I am in pain. I don't need hot water bottles. ;0)

Big hugs to you and I hope you feel better soon.

Jen xx

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Hi Jen,

Thank you for replying. I don't have any pets, wish I did, I love cats. My hubby is scared of animals so pets are a no no, I did have fishes a few years ago, I loved my fish tank but had to sell them as I'm not working.

I'm not taking any meds. I'm fed up of taking strong meds for 5 years.

I don't have any periods any more due to hystercretomy. The weird thing is, I actually miss having periods, I feel like I'm not a normal woman. I know that sounds silly but that's how I feel.

I guess I am a bit stressed about tomorrow, I'll be in the kitchen all day cooking. Doing little things tires me out so quickly.

Sorry for sounding so depressing.

Hope you have a wonderful time tomorrow, merry Christmas.


I know what you mean. I did my Christmas meal today. Something I started when I had the children. I didn't want to be in the kitchen all day Christmas day. Now the kids are older they won't have it any other way. I make a list of what I have to do when I feel overwhelmed with Christmas dinner with the timings. It helps to break it down for me. Often it is just the thought of something and the pressure for perfection that makes us down. Will anyone help you? the tiredness is a bummer isn't it and if you have recently had surgery it can take weeks to get the Aneasthetic out of your system. Try not to be hard on yourself.

I understand about not feeling like a normal woman although I have not had a hysterectomy but suppressing my periods with drugs I find really hard to deal with. When I come off the drugs emotionally I feel normal again but then the pain comes back.

Do you like being creative in any way. I find this helpful. I am very into my holistic healing and the Sacral Chakra is our creative Chakra. It helps the energy in this area if we keep creative especially when we are not making babies anymore. Just a thought. Can be anything. Writing, drawing, knitting, baking.

Anyway I hope all goes well tomorrow and your smile inside comes back soon.

Big hugs

Jen xx


Hi Jen,

I'm having a little break from the kitchen now, my daughter has been helping me a lot in the kitchen. I'm Already tired and want my bed.

I love reading books, it's my one thing I love doing, reading helps me escape from reality for a while. I know how to do meditation, and Reiki that's another thing that helps me especially when I'm having a panic/anxiety attack.

After lunch I'm going to bake a glutenfree,wheatfree,dairyfreeyeastfree,

Soyafre Christmas cake with my daughter, my 2 boys want to decorate it once it's cooled down.


Awww so glad you are getting some help today. I hope you feel a bit brighter. How did the cake turn out? Sounds great! I'm just about to go gluten free, have resisted it for years but having just failed on another drug I know I have to try it now. i don't want the meds anymore.

I did my reiki level I online, but felt there was something missing and am doing level I again and Level II in February with my Sophrology tutor. It is a big help to have these things. The Sophrology is great for anxiety attacks but it takes time and practice. When I first looked into Sophrology I never thought it would help me so much. I actually got really angry when I was asked to focus on my body, it was the last thing I wanted to do! We focus on messages our body gives us through sensations we feel with positive thoughts. The more we recognise this the more we strengthen the positive connections in our brain. It's very clever. I usually use my cat purring in my ear or something. If you like reading I can thoroughly recommend The four agreements amazon.co.uk/Four-Agreement...

I hope you managed to put your feet up for a bit. I fell asleep this afternoon. Was lovely! The kids were happy with their new gifts and occupied and the fire was nice and cosy. I couldn't help but nod off. ;0). We're forecast snow here this weekend, it's been so mild!

Anyway take care of yourself and message me anytime.

Big hugs

Jen xx



The cake turn out great, everyone loved the cake, shame there isn't any left now.

I do feel a bit better now that cooking is all over, my hubby and my boys washed up and tidied up for me.

I haven't done level one or level two of Reiki, I just watched how it's done on YouTube, plus I've had a couple of sessions done before my op. I think I will get level one in the new year.

Glad you managed to get some sleep in the afternoon.

My kids and hubby were all pleased with their gifts.

I kind of hope it does snow, me and daughter love the snow. It's been mild weather here too, but I still feel very cold even if no one else does, I think my immune system is weak since my op and I've lost a lot of weight.

Thank you for recommending the book I will buy it.


Could be worth taking some probiotics or making some fermented foods if you feel run down. (More creative stuff ;0)). Kombucha and sauerkraut are easy enough to make, but if you don't feel up to it get a probiotic for sure! Our mood can be really lowered if our gut health isn't great and Aneasthetic and drugs can affect this especially antibiotics. Maybe you already know this, sorry if you do. ;0). Our gut is like our second brain though.

Take care of yourself and keep warm. :0)


I didn't think of that, if I can buy dairyfree probiotic drinks I will, my GP prescribed me some enters drinks, meal replacement drinks, as I can't eat much, after a few bites I'm full.

Being on the Endo diet has helped me a lot, I have tried eating normal foods but they don't agree with me. I'll try and make some sauerkraut tomorrow if I have the energy.

You take care too


Every day of my life hun, hope u feel better soon xxx


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