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Does anyone else experience severe breast pain at times of endo pain? Also Alternative natural endo management tips?

Hi beautiful girls,

Firstly, what a wonderful site of supportive sisters trying to navigate our way through life with endometriosis. LOVE IN ABUNDANCE TO YOU ALL xoxoxox

I just wondered if any of you ever experience severe breast pain/tenderness occasionally with endo flare ups? This happens to me. (no im definitly not pregnant).

Also, i am 33years old, had two previous lap surgeries and have been on a Merina IUD for nearly 5 years. This merina IUD (not the copper one) had helped me to maintain a tolerable level of pain management, but now its wearing off and now its time to make some decisions (oh and the pain has intensified already).

I dont want another surgery (scar tissue from the last two is horrible). I WISH to be as NATURAL as possible and hate putting hormones/chemicals into my body BUT i have to be able to FUNCTION too... I am so tempted to go off the Merina but i need to know how do any of you function with diet changes and lifestyle changes to aviod all the pitfalls that severe and chronic endo bring with it?

Thank you so much for any info.. Hugs xox

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Thank you so so much beautiful for your reply and advice!! It sounds like a great place to start - i will purhcase the book and would absolutley LOVE to be a part of your group - would you please let me know how i go about doing this? It gives me HOPE to know that you and others have had improvements using nutrition and suppliments xh

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Hi could you add me to your email group re recipes! thank you xx


Id say accupunture helped mine as I get terrible breast tenderness Also I cut down on dairy gluten and sugar can't say I cut them out completey but keep them to a minimum and that has helped me also evening primrose capsules is great for breast tenderness along with vitamin b6 also have bath with lavender oil helps as well xx


Thanks beatutiful girl! This info is incredibly helpful and i will adapt your advice immeditately and hope for some relief :-) Blessings x


No worries lovely hope u feel better soon take care of yourself big hugs to u xx


I get bad breast pain as bad as I had in early pregnancy when I ovulate which is when I also get alot of cramping. Similar to Nicola above with my diet but I dont have any dairy due to a life long allergy/intolerance. Sometimes I find riding my bike helps, its actually often the last thing I want to do but I found out by fluke that it helps I think stretch me out and alleviate the pain a little even at times when I my walk has become more of a woddle! Definitely think that means things like yoga would help but I am.yet to try x


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