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Should I go back to my specialist? Help!

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Hello :)

This is my first post... feel weirdly nervous!

I had a laparoscopy in November which confirmed I had endometriosis. It was found on the bladder, bowel, near the urethra and both ovarian fossas (whatever that word means!), a nodule on my left side and some forming on the right - I don't know what most of this means but my surgeon said it was pretty extensive - I was under for about 2 hours.

This was 8 weeks ago now, and at first recovery was pretty tough. I had an overnight stay because I couldn't pee and I'm not very good at sitting still unless I'm forced so the first few days were tough... I definitely overdid it the first week. But after that, and once I'd started to manage painkillers etc, I started to feel better.

Now I'm two months post op and the last month has been horrible. I've started to get such bad pains on my left and right side that I cannot leave the house and I feel dizzy and sick, I've passed some clots but not bled regularly. I initially put it down to recovering and my body getting used to the Mirena coil (they fitted it while I was under) but now I'm four weeks on and it's just getting worse. I've been to the emergency gynae at my nearest hospital and most recently my GP (which I'd been putting off as I was thinking pain was part of recovery) who recommend that I book in to get my specialist review earlier than the six months she recommended at surgery.

I guess I just wanted to hear if any of you ladies had experienced similar? Am I being paranoid? Or should I contact my specialist?

Realistically I probably will anyway just to be sure... but find myself feeling so down and alone with it all. It's not really something I feel I can discuss with my boyfriend as I'm such a burden already.

Hope to hear from somebody :)


5 Replies
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The ovarian fossa is the little dimple in the front wall of the pelvis where the ovaries fit in. I think if you have any concerns you should see your specalist. You shouldn't have to be in pain!

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ckem95 in reply to asoullessstatic

Thank you for replying.

I think I will contact them. It’s so hard to know what’s normal recovery and what’s not... hope you’re well x

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Firstly, you are not a burden to anyone. If you don't feel comfortable talking to your boyfriend about it, that's absolutely fine, but you're very definitely not a burden! You are suffering with a chronic, debilitating condition, please don't think you're a burden because of that.

It does take time for your body to accept the mirena (for me, it took a good 9-10mths for it to settle completely, but now I don't have periods), everyone is different, some get on with it, others don't, but if you're worried, see if you can get in to see your specialist earlier for your follow up. If you can't see him, maybe see if he could do a phone call?

Hope you start feeling better soon xxx

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ckem95 in reply to Clairey007

Thank you so much for your kind response.

I hadn’t considered a phone call appt, that’s a really good shout!

Hope you’re well x

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It was a specialist centre :)

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