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Recovering from laparsocopy/diagnosis

Good morning,

This is my first post :) Even though I've been looking on this forum for a while, all the posts have even such a help and support to me.

I had my first laparsocopy on Wednesday, even though I was super apprehensive the actual procedure was no where near as scary as I thought. It was my first operation, but going to sleep and coming round was actually like having a really nice nap! The thing I've struggled most with is the gas pains, as soon as I got out of bed after the operation the pains in my chest/shoulders were painful and even though each day since they've been getting better I'm still suffering with them. It's difficult to sleep. How long did everyone else's last?

They found and removed endometriosis, stage 2, on my left side (she gave me this info in recovery and I'm struggling to remember exactly what was said to me!) but all my pain has mainly been on my right side/central so was a surprise to have it only on the left side. Has anyone else experienced this?

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When I had a small amount removed it was in a different location than my pain too. It must be normal I am assuming!


Thank you for your reply 😊 Did you too. I found it frustrating she told me all this in recovery, I now have lots of questions I want answers to! I'm finding it all a bit overwhelming to be honest 🙈


It’s very overwhelming. It isn’t easy to deal with :( if you ever need to talk I’m here for ya x


Thank you, that's so lovely xx

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In terms of the shoulder pain, I found mine laster about two days! Absolutely horrible though, I couldn't sleep with it. I found a hot water bottle on my shoulders helped a bit?


It is horrible, it started to ease yesterday...such a relief! I tried a hot water bottle and peppermint tea, drinking fizzy seemed to help too. I didn't realise that part would be so uncomfortable and lack of sleep never helps!


I'm 27 have a cancer gene causes tumors all over my body. Throat chest bladder colon stomach and ovaries. That's sucks but doesn't scary me. Non of my tumors been cancer due to god. Problem is my 6 time having surgery on my ovaries so much scar tissue open me like a c section and all around my stomach. Now there is a tumor on my left they now have to remove everything on that side. Last time didn't see the other tumors till they open me up. Cancer tumors don't scary me what does is sex drive I have 2 kids but I want to please my man. Thinking of keeping it so we still have it do you lose all your sex drive completely?

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