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Do I need to go to hospital?


3 weeks ago I was admitted for emergency surgery after a burst overain cyst had gone septic. I had it drained then they gave me prostap I've been in bed for two weeks with no energy. I went the gp on Thursday and they took some bloods that come back tomorrow. I took more hrt than I was suppose to last week because I thought maybe I'd feel better but on Friday I started bleeding. It's completely different bleeding from my normal endrometrosis period and today the pain is unbearable despite having morphine and mefanmic and Tarmac acid. I feel ill and have I horrendous shooting pains. I don't want another surgery so close and scared to ring 111 cause they will just call an ambulance. I can't go back into hospital. I've had too many surgeries and I don't have a left ovary anymore. I can't let them remove my right ovary or a hysterectomy I'm 34 and I don't have kids yet . Any advice for the pain would be much appreciated xxxx

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hi. Having had various issues with a cysts it sounds like you really should go and get checked out. Xx

hi. How is your pain today? Xx

Thanks for the advice Hun, I'm still in bulk but the gp is coming to do a home visit this afternoon. I'm hoping I don't have to go in. I have a massive fear of hospital and surgery xxx

Do you mind me asking a little more tillyfloss

My white blood cells are raised and in the pelvic exam it was very sore and he has prescribed me 2 antibiotics for 2 weeks and then is going to repeat my bloods and I've got a scan some time over the next few weeks.

I really don't want to loose my only ovary pre children xxx

I had a ruptured endometrioma. Was very ill for a while. It took 6 months worth of double/double antibiotics to clear. I didnt lose my ovary but did lose my fallopian tube. Ive no children and although i have stage 4 DIE theyve left me with both ovaries. I did ask if theyd remove them as had a sizeable endonetrioma and the reply was "we do our best to save organs". Good luck

That sounds like you have been through it! How are you doing now ? I'm not sure I even really want kids but I know I don't want my choice taken away from me , it's hard isn't itxxx

No happy ending for me. I had excision surgery 6 months ago and symptoms returned within a month. I was popped on a combination pill (already tried progesterone only and not only did it fail it made my endo worse). That failed. Lead to a months long breakthrough bleed (is it me or does prolonged bleeding cripple people? The more i bleed the worse i am afterwards?) .. So now im on zoladex which has just left me with yet more breakthrough bleeding 😭 .. Im nearly due my second injection and no relief yet but i aint holding my breath as its my second course in a year and first one failed! My consultant has said without a doubt its back but wont rush to give an ultrasound cuz hes reluctant to operate again because it come back so fast the last time. Ive luckily not had another infection though which im glad about cuz im not sure i could stomach more antibiotics. I dont want rid of my ovaries either if i can help it. I know theyre important for bone health and i have enough joint problems without being put through early menopause. Children are off the cards for me although i have been offered IVF. Got everything crossed you dont lose your other ovary though. Xx

hi. How you feeling today? What would you like to know?

I've only known about endometriosis since Sept when I was expecting to come out of emergency surgery without my appendicitis, instead I came out with an incurable disease id never heard of!!

have they mentioned anything about inflammatory markers with your blood tests? For me these rise when the cysts are misbehaving but I don't know if that's a company sign.

they will do there upmost to protect your fertility, I had surgery three weeks ago, we are blessed with a delight 6 year old but have been trying for another for 5years, even though it would have been easier to remove my ovaries as they both have cysts he spent the time freeing them of the cysts despite the fact that the tubes are beyond help as its giving us the option of ivf if we want to go down that road, I hope you don't need another surgery but if they know you want to have children in my experience they will protect them as much as possible for you. What pain relief are you taking? Xx

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