I saw my endo today!

Had my post op check today. They explained again what they removed from where and showed me photos. I was suprised how my right ovary looked compared to my left, it was a bit of a mess! I thought I would be squeamish about it but it was actually facinating, and the before and after excision was really interesting. No wonder I've been sore there was lots of pictures to look at !

I am feeling pretty low today as I went back to work last week and caught a virus so been feeling poorly just as I was feeling better from my lap. But hopefully it will go soon and my body can concentrate on my finishing my recovery.

On the plus side they removed my stitches which hadn't dissolved as they should, so that's much more comfy !

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  • Yay!! On the road to recovery!!! It's a shame about the virus that will knock you for 6 after the op... Rest up and you will feel better soon! I'm positively itching to get on the operating table... I'm jealous of all you ladies that are in recovery! 😀 I'll be joining those ranks on the weekend! Keep in touch x

  • Absolutely! I look forward to hearing how well you are doing at the weekend 😊

  • I live in hope 😊

  • I'd love to have a good look in my abdomen to try and decipher what all the medical terms on my discharge notes really mean!! My post op isn't until 4 January so it's hanging over me at the moment, just want to get on with it and move on. Hope your appt went well and you feel better from the virus soon x

  • I know exactly where you are coming from, I googled most of the terms on my letter! My lap was 9th Nov so 4 weeks ago today. It seems that was quite close for a follow up judging by some of the other wait times I've heard of. I feel a bit if relief now I understand it all. Best of luck with yours x

  • I did exactly the same, googling every other word! Still none the wiser though unfortunately. My lap was on 3 Nov and the post op is eight weeks later so it feels like forever. Onwards and upwards for you hopefully! X

  • My lap was September and my follow up appointment isn't until 20th January! Glad you've had your appointment tho! It's nice to see what's actually going on...

    Hope you feel better soon after the virus clears.


  • Wow that's a really long wait! Didn't realise how lucky I was, best of luck with it xx

  • I can relate to what you're saying about the photos... When I had my surgery I asked for them to take photos and give me copies. It was fascinating to have my doctor explain what was going on in each picture and to see my cyst being drained. It was also a little creepy to see all the scar tissue attaching my organs and think about the fact that that's in my abdomen. But it was also cool because when else am I going to see my organs? (Hopefully never!) Sadly some of my friends were too squeamish and didn't want to look at my pics :)

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