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Hair loss

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I’ve been on zoladex & HRT for nearly a year now waiting for my full hysterectomy & bowel resection. I’ve noticed hair loss for a while but my hair has become very dry/brittle (I previously had to wash my hair daily due to greasiness) and a nightmare to brush. I don’t have any bold patches it’s more of a thinning and someone recommended pantar 30 green shampoo for hair loss.

Anyone found anything else useful?


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I switched to baking soda shampoo (not actually shampoo, just baking soda water mixture)

and vinegar washes for conditioner, along with oil/egg/honey masks once a week. It's how my mom and aunts used to take care of their hair! Regrowth takes forever but it should slowly stop the falling out and stimulate regrowth if you're interested in going the home made natural route. Has worked twice for me when I lived in Asia and my hair fell out like crazy! The will be very helpful with brittleness and dryness. Mix 1 egg with a tablespoon of oil (I use olive) and one of honey. Hope this helps!

Can't believe you are the same as me finally found someone who is suffering like me with hair loss. I am waiting for a hysterectomy too hopefully before April I had my pre op 2 months ago . I am on zodalex injections and hrt for the last year .

I use grow gorgeous shampoo it is for hair loss , i use it every other day, I also use Philipp kingsley Elasticizer treatment ever night I apply it and go to bed with it on then I wash it off the next day , I have tried loads of different shampoos and conditions and this works the best for me. I also take vitamin b and vitamin d , my hair was snapping and was so brittle and failing out but it getting alot better now .

Also found the hrt patches rather than the tablets are better for me too .

Hope my info helps .

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Oh lovely thank you

I Never thought about changing my HRT. I will look for that hair treatment though. My husband likes my hair long but the temptation to get cut shorter is very high right now as I’m struggling to manage it.

Good luck with the surgery we may be having the same time. I’m desperate to get it done but also nervous how big it’s going to be as I’m not sure he can sort my bowel via laparoscopy.

Keep in touch

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I had my hair cut to shoulder length it was just snapping off so i had no choice but it looks much healthier .

Can't wait to have my hysterectomy also, so I can come off these injections I hate being on them.

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Me too I hate them. I’m going to look for some shorter styles. Thank god for winter & woolly hats 😂

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7777melg in reply to ccsmith

Caroline flacks wavey long bob is lovely , check out her picture online and when she was presenting love island 🙌

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