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Hair loss

Hi Everyone

I was diagnosed with Endometriosis in October 2012, first lap was Feb 13, the next was May 13 and I have just had another lap in March and now have a diagnosis of adenomyosis. Anyway my question to you all is does anyone have hair loss. I am quite lucky that my hair is thick, but when I wash it I get hand fulls of hair come out, then obviously I have to brush it to dry it another load is shed and each and every day I have it when brushing my hair. Don't get me wrong we all loose hair when we brush it, but I can't believe how much I am loosing. It's getting me down more than the endo. I guess it is a vain thing. :-)

Sal xx

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Yes it's hormonal ;) I have it more now than before though as on prostap, have adeno too, what treatment you having for it? X


Hi CK13

Well I have only today found out that I have adeno as the GP printed off the letter from the consultant and it stated on there that's what I have also. I was prescribed today Naproxen and 15mg of Co-codomol, not really doing much for me I have to say, thank heavens for Hot water bottles. I need to read up on adeno as I have only really just discovered what endo is!

Getting back to hairloss, is there anything we can do to prevent so much shed? xx


It's frustrating isn't it, it's only your body! They should tell you what's going on!

Do some research, in a nutshell it's endo growing in muscle of womb it swells up and you can feel pressure, it causes a lot of pain, it's not nice Hun, I'm having a hysterectomy because of it, that's the only 'cure' I'm afraid :( it depends how yours make you feel, mine hurts to wee, poo, to sit, can't lay flat, burning pain in pelvis groin legs and back constantly, I bled constantly lost massive blood clots all the time, back pain all the time, it hurts every minute of every day with no relief at all. I've always suffered with endo since 19 but just found out about adeno at 32, had more a coil fitted in jan as the progesterone can help it, mine got worse, I started prostap 3 weeks ago and am now in the chemical menopause, I'm just so grateful the bleeding has stopped and with that the awful labour contractions! I've been having a few numbed down ones lately but they're not as painful. I have naproxen spaced out taken throughout the day, 30mg cocodomol throughout the day and I use tramadol as and when, if you need to talk or ask any questions we are all here for you, there's loads of us here that have both endo and adeno xx


Sorry, about the hair loss! I don't know :( I'm just taking it every day as it comes, luckily I've got thick hair and usually pay to have if thinned out so I'm trying to see the positive of that ;) x


For hair loss try a shampoo called nioxin. Its amazing xxx

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Hi - so sorry to hear your story, and I don't think it's vain at all to feel so upset about hair loss. I was on zoladex injections last year and loads of my hair fell out - like you say, in the shower just handfuls coming out, and it freaked me out completely! It was a hormonal thing - are you on any kind of hormone treatment at the moment? I also got two spots on the top that went weirdly frizzy and curly, nowhere else, the rest of my hair is poker straight! if you are in the uk, Lee Stafford Hair Growth shampoo really seemed to help, it's quite expensive but did seem to make a difference.

I hope they manage to help with your diagnosis, and getting things under control,

Stay strong



Surya Henna hair dye seems to slow the shedding. I found it by accident when I developed an allergy to the chemical stuff. It has also outright cured my eczema and other endo-related skin problems.


Hi Ladies

Thank you all so much for your replies. Myra123 it's funny you should mention hair dye, because when I 'colour in my greys' and use their conditioning treatment, nothing falls out! It is so bizzare.

Thank you all again, I will try the Lee Stafford stuff FMcB79 and the Nioxin. Thank you all.

CK13 I too am on 30g Co-Codomol, Naproxen and it was starting to work until I got really bad pains in my stomach. I went back to docs and she said the Naproxen was affecting the stomach lining, now on Omeprazole and have had to drop the Naproxen, not good as the pain is bad again, but can only take the codine at night at it makes me so drowsy.



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