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Happy New Year!🎉


This is all new to me... finally had a consultation with the gynaecologist today, and should have a laparoscopy booked with in a month (I hope🙄) I just feel abit silly as the Dr said he may not find anything but there must be a reason for this pain! The Dr had also said for me to think about having a Mirena fitted, any advice? Thanks in advance 😊

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You will get some really mixed reviews for mirena on here-I felt pushed into having it, made to feel like it was my only option and I very reluctantly had it fitted. It was not my first coil in, I had previously had the copper coil in, so I knew what to expect with regards to the pain going in (it was quite sore, and a lot of cramping after both times).

The mirena has massively helped me with my bleeding-I was previously flooding regularly, even got to the point I would use a tampon, towel and incontinence knickers 🤦🏼‍♀️

I have not had any bleeding since having it in, but it has not done anything for the pain.

I know other people have said it has made them bleed and have more pain. My opinion is to give it a go, especially if they put it in at the same time as your lap. If it doesn’t work for you, getting it out is honestly a doddle- a cough and it’s done 😂 good luck xxx

Thank you so much Emma! Just having someone and people to talk about this is so nice... I’m just so confused what todo, the combined pill doesn’t work with me at all, currently on the mini pill and been bleeding constantly and have pains 😭 just a bit nervous about the Mirena as I hate thought of tampons (just gross me out) 😂 will definitely consider it though it’s going to help! Xx

I'm having the mirena fitted when have my lap so I'll let you know haha I've also had copper coil and depo injection neither stopped my constant bleeding or the pills xx

Perfect, thank you! Xx

Hiya, I’ve had the coil for 10 months now. It’s been a bit of a nightmare for me - bad skin, migraines, constant periods (even 10 months in) ... however as you can probably gather the mirena coil is different for everyone. My mum had it and she loves it, my friend has had it and she to loves it (neither of these people had problems with periods before though)

I would recommend trying it as you have nothing to lose. The pain you’ll experience won’t be anything compared to what you’re used to anyways and you never know it could help massively! X

Thank you Millie, it’s worth giving it ago, just about anxious about it! The pill had been awful for me, constant bleeding, migraines and bad skin 😭 xx

I had the coil fitted at the beginning of September. The pain after it was horrendous I felt like I needed to push something out and it felt like contractions, I went back to the clinic to get it checked as I didn’t know the pain would be that bad i thought something was wrong. However after a week or so I was fine and the pain had gone. I had spotting up until about November but had none since. I’m quite glad I got it and stuck it out now as it’s so much easier as I don’t have to remember to take the pill. I haven’t noticed any changes in my pain yet though x

I suffered with pain for years and had lots of tests done before finally being referred for a lap, dont feel silly as i was also worried they wouldnt find anything but they did end up finding endometriosis so was worth having it done. Nothing was mentioned about the coil until about 20 mins before having the surgery (not enough time to make the decision) so i didnt end up having it inserted during the lap. So instead i ended up going on cerazette which i bled pretty much every day for 2 months and experienced bad cramps then got moved onto noriday and i am still bleeding and having cramps. Dont really want to be on any concraception anymore as causing me to also have low libido and bad mood swings but scared the endo will come back and worried about infertility.

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Thank you! I’m on the mini pill now and hate it, still have so much pain! I may have to try the Mirena...

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