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hello all! i have just joined as feel i need some support and guidance on endometriosis. I have suffered for over 10 years with a lot of pain and have only just been given a diagnosis after being rushed to hospital in february with a suspected torsion of my ovary. I have had a lap this month and wasnt even seen by Dr after, just was given discharge note to say endo had been found and had been removed. So now i have a diagnosis i have felt relieved in a sense because it finally explains so many problems i have had from excruciating periods to low energy, problems with certain foods and lack of immune system. I have muddled through the internet and found this support group which i am looking forward to getting support and advice from. My partner and family are incredible but to speak with people in the same boat as me would be perfect. So hello all!x

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Aww really hope your okay and recovering well!😊 It's a horrible illness to come to terms with. I have my laparoscopy tomorrow! I'm so nervous now xxxx

thank you ! i am glad that i have had it done because i felt that nobody believed me when i went to the doctors for help it was almost as though well you are a woman, its painful for all women. But since the lap and finding it, it means that i have answers and now can focus on recovering and controlling it ! you will be fine tomorrow, I was nervous but there is no need to be, think of it as the start for you because i feel more positive having had it. look after yourself and dont over do it, i would say good luck but you dont need it :) xx

I hope recovery is going ok, I have found everyone on here really supportive - so welcome to the group! Thats good you got a diagnosis, so sorry to ehar it has taken so long! Get well soon xxx

Thank you! i am glad i have joined and get to speak with you lovely lot ! xx

I had a bit of a melt down a few weeks ago and felt really supported by everything. I have just cut out dairy, which makes me feel like I have a hangover most mornings but *touch wood* I am less swollen at the moment! So never would have considered that until joining. I hope you find something that helps soon. Us Endo sisters need to stick together :) xx

I have read up on the endo diet online and have cut dairy out too. I have never eaten much bread / gluten products for years as i have always felt that they affect me, which now makes sense as to why! you are right, its so nice to talk to people in the same boat!! xx

I think its been harder for my partner than it has for me giving up dairy lol, he keeps cooking me things with butter haha! But I know I wont burst into flames, there was an article I read that said just cutting down on dairy and gluten can be beneficial as well. So I will forgive the forbidden butter contamination! I'm the same with bread, although I love it so! I dont eat it very often. I'm at my bloated stage waiting for my period to arrive, joy of joys! Hope you are having a good day :)

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