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Pain getting worse 14 days post lap


I had my laparoscopy 14 days ago and since Sunday have been experiencing increasing amounts of pain in my stomach and pelvis. I had 5 patches of endo removed during surgery, including some on my bowel. I'm resting beyond believe with a few short walks per day (5-10 minutes). I'm taking standard painkillers regularly but they don't seem to do much. Does this sound normal that I'm getting this type of pain and it's still happening now but wasn't really there for the first week? Any advice would be great

Thank you :)

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During the first week some women still have the anaesthetic and post op painkillers in their system so pain is dulled. Plus the body naturally responds to sharp pain by protecting itself - you may not feel that much for the first few days after your op.

The increased pain felt is as a result of the body now going full steam ahead with healing - it'll feel horrible for about two weeks. In addition everythings been moved around so it needs to take time to all move back. It may feel like they've not done much - our body gets confused between endo pain and removal of endo pain so it feels like nothings changed. It can take up to 4 months to feel back to good health so rest up - sounds like you're doing the right thing regarding walks etc.

Keep up the painkillers - you can take ibuprofen continuously - this works best when it's in your system. Paracetamol can be used as a top up. Both can be taken together and at the full listed dose. If this isn't working you could talk to your pharmacist - they can give you over the counter low strength coedeine - but this can make you drowsy - it makes me feel jet lagged.

My first lap for excision of endo didn't include my bowel but it was all over my bladder and uterus, and stuck things together - I was signed off for two weeks, self certified for one, and okay by 3 months. My second lap just for excision of endo on bowel I was signed off for 5, and took about 5 months to properly be okay. I was told by my specialist that the bowel is deeper in the abdomen therefore lots of moving around is required so healing is often longer.

Hope that helps x

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Hi Farahziya,

Thank you so much for replying and for such a detailed and supportive message.

Now you've said about the first few days/week it makes sense that all those things can still be in the system and then feeling the change once they start to leave the body.

I wish we were told more like this upon discharge but thank you so much for normalising my pain and I feel now ive got an understanding of why this is happening. Im finding Ibuprofen does help but isnt always enough.

That is interesting what you have said about the bowel too.

Thank you again :) I definitely feel more reassured this is all normal and not to rush the process. x

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I think it depends on docs; mine was really helpful and explained everything. He also booked in a 2 week post op check up so I could discuss those sorts of things. I hear that not all docs talk about recovery, or do the post op appointment, which is a bit rubbish.

Take it easy, you deserve to relax, chill, watch Netflix lol! xx

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Yeah it sounds like we can all have such different experiences and it's a bit scary how some are left without after care information or what to expect. My post op follow up isn't until end of Feb so 3 months later so all the questions I have now wont really be as relevant. Thank you again for your response :) , definitely not going to rush the process xx

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