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Post-lap period?

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Hi everyone,

I had a successful lap and removal of endo 2 weeks ago.

I was put on Cerazette at the beginning of the year to help with my symptoms, and it stopped my periods completely (which was an absolute dream!)

I'm still taking the pill, yet yesterday an unexpected period arrived (heavy and very painful, the same as before I started taking the pill). I'm in agony 😩

I just wondered if anyone else has experienced this and whether it's normal or not? Just seems odd that the pill isn't stopping the periods still!

Thank you xx

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If you're on the pill you won't have periods as no egg is produced therefore no lining is shed after a failed implant. It's technical term when on the pill is breakthrough bleeding, which is a side effect for most women on most hormones - usually it's only in the first few months of starting hormones until the body is used to it. Light spotting should be expected every so often. Sometimes the body still goes through an automatic cycle and some women experience breakthrough bleeds regularly which feels like a period. It's important to mention these to your doctor - these bleeds if regular can mean the pill isn't working / doesn't suit your body (different pill needed) - I only found this out after being on the pill for about 7 years before a doc mentioned "period type" bleeds shouldn't happen.

Post surgery your body has had so much done, the uterus doesn't like being poked, prodded and moved around so it kind of goes into shock and will either hold it's lining for longer or will just shed it whenever it can. The latter happens more often. This can happen hormones or not.

As everything's still healing - it can take time for the body to recover from the lap - quite often up to four months. Our body can't tell the difference between removal of endo pain and endo pain so it may feel like nothings changed - be patient :)

Hope that helps xx

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