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Anyone else experience this???

Hi all, I really need some help here!!

In between my period I have constant brown discharge up until I start again, I am having really bad hip pain, I feel sick and dizzy most of the time and I have just found a large lump in my groin?? I am worried and think I may have to go back to the doctors yet again this month but can anyone relate to any of it???

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Hi I used to have mittelschmerz or ovulation bleeding between periods and its linked to endo and many endo sufferers have it. I believe its again due to over production of estrogen. I was put on the pill many years ago to try and clear it but i had awful side effects and looks for alternatives. my doctor gave me natural progesterone pessaries and after reading Dr. lee's book on natural progesterone i was able to work out the right dose for me. It cleared up after a few months and i would use it again if the mittelschmerz ever can back to great effect. Things really got awful for me with endo about 6 years ago when we started trying for children and I had a procedure to unblock a tube but now i know what happened was the endo started flushing into my right ovary and last year after years of pain I was diagnosed and the cyst was removed and now I am under supervision. The pain in the right over used to travel into my right hip and down the thigh. I was excruciating at times and was a huge and awful burden on my life. I was misdiagnosed and sent from pillar to post for physio and x-rays etc until yet another doctor I saw requested an MRI which showed the cyst and reason for the pain. I used to feel sick and dizzy too and the years of misdiagnosis left me with fibromyalgia. I can relate to you and I think you should ask for an MRI because and endo cyst can be very dangerous if they burst and if you have one they need to get it out. good luck.



I have the brown discharge too, and the pain in your hip is probably referred pain from the endo in your tummy

But if I were you I'd get myself to the doctor about the lump in your groin - it may all be related, but it might be something completely separate, you really should get it checked

Good luck

C x


it's definitely worth seeing a doctor about this. It could be various different things (like the cysts or mittelschmertz described above), or sometimes the cervix can produce brownish discharge (eg. if you have an ectropic cervix - which is quite common).

Please don't make yourself sick with worry - these can be easy to treat, but it's a good idea to talk it through with the doctor.

Good luck.


i get brownish mucous discharge throughout my 'off' times, my periods at the moment are 10-14 days on, and the same off, with spotting or discharge when off (and that is with a mirena coil), would love just one day without having to wear sanitary stuff - i also get lower left pelvic pain, anything from tugging sensation to full doubled over, it goes into my lower left back too - they assume it is probably endo as my scans show my pelvis to be healthy, but no lap until i lose a bit more weight but today i have had my pre-op for endometrial ablation, i know it probably won't help with the pain but it should help the bleeding, dealing with one thing is better than two lol.

as for the lump in your groin, i would get that checked out, like Chrissie said it might be related but may not, let us know how you get on xxx


Thanks to you all for your support :) i will finally make the appointment tomorrow with the doctor. I will let you know what happens x x x x


I also used to suffer from brownish discharge too and put it down to one of the symptoms of endo.

I would get the lump checked out though in case it isnt endo-related and am glad to read you have got a GP appointment. Please let us know how you get on :)



I did not get the brown discharge but had a constant burning ache in my right hip before I was diagnosed with endo. I used to do washing up for 5 minutes and pain was so bad I was in tears! And on period my whole right hip and back and side hurt so much I couldn't walk properly was so painful was limping around and trying to get on with daily life was miserable as in constant pain even at night. The pain mysteriously went away after one particularly bad period and after a year was admitted to A&E with sudden very horrible period pains I think I had a chemical pregnancy and was miscarrying as my period came on exact on time but had all early symptoms of pregnancy and the test had faint positive on the morning of the day my period started. Eventually the doctor referred me to ultrasound and they found a cyst in my right ovary and during laparoscopy found that I have a right sided unicornate uterus which explains all the pain in my right hip and right side and not my left. I would see the gp to find out what is going on. I don't want to scare you but browny discharge can be a sign that there are abnormal cells in the cervix. xx


Hi, i went to the gp and was given antibiotics as thought i had an infection of some sort even though tests did not show anything? He sent me for an x-ray that didnt show anything on my hip so i still have no idea what is causing this pain. I have since had two really bad periods followed by this thick mucus brown discharge that lasts for over a week and the right hip pain is getting worse? The gp really isnt taking me seriously and i am getting impatient. I will be going back again next week to the gp to try and find some answers somewhere :)


Hi did you ever find out what was causing this?? I have exact symptoms and am going out of my mind with worry! X


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