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Anyone worse a day after intense work outs?

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Hey ladies ,

Does anyone suffer really badly after exercise? I had excision surgery (endo found in uteral sacral ligaments and around ovaries) and Mirena fitted in January, but I just feel like pain is coming back! :( ..

I’m in agony lately with pain after intense exercise/intercourse but it seems to be the day after for some reason. The best thing I can do seems to be bed, heat packs and anti inflammatorys!

Any advice please!? 😟


5 Replies
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Hey I feel exactly the same as you! Also had endo on uteroscral ligaments, which was removed.

Have you looked into physio? Have a look at ones that work with mobility, you can usually call them up to have a chat or an initial consultation.

I had back and coccyx problems after my first lap (removal of endo from ligaments and a lot of other places) and thought it was odd but just got on with life, 8 months later and after my second lap it's even worse, so I went to a physio. He looked at it and took down details, within 3 minutes he said it's as a result of surgery, recovery and general endo symptoms - the endo on the ligaments wont have helped eitehr. It weakens the core as incisions are made in those muscles and general bloating / back and abdomen cramps cause it to weaken more, the ligaments running through the abdomen that have endo on them can be tighter too. As a result the lower back will compensate becoming rigid - it doesn't flex much. Because of this it has a knock on effect on surrounding muscles and causes referred pain in the upper back, shoulders, hips, knees etc. I now need regular physio (every two weeks) to massage and manipulate (not a light touch lol!) my lower back, glutes (bum and hips) to loosen those up. And we're doing some core strength exercises to get it all back in shape. He says he sees it a lot in anyone with abdomen surgery especially women. There isn't much advice / support from doctors as they just go through the tick list of; any injuries, any sudden movements etc. they don't think about surgery to surrounding areas. It's definitely helping even after only 3 sessions. I had to go private for this as the NHS just signed me off as "deal with it" which is what made it worse.

I do core strengthening classes, gymnastics rings classes, and polefitness; I've found with all of them I get so tired after from my endo, I really enjoy them at the time. But I do find my lower back, shoulders, upper back and sometimes hips will hurt - physio is helping though. There are particular things / moves / warm up stuff I know hurts as it twinges something so I do the best I can.

Happy to help with any questions xx

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KatieA12 in reply to luthien

Hi, thanks so much for your response! I will definitely look into physio! It’s awful isn’t it it feels like my insides are falling out/ I’m being electrocuted from the insides!

Yes like you say it’s definitely the lower back too that is really painful. I did a PT session Wednesday and did a lot of jumping/ burpees etc and this makes it so much worse! I had to leave work yesterday I was in that much pain 🤦🏼‍♀️.

I will try the exercises you say you do for sure and see how I get on with those!

Thanks again

Katie x

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Katyt234 in reply to luthien

I know this post is old, but I am so grateful its here. I am really struggling after exercise, doc found my uterus is tethered to my right uterosacral ligament from manual exam. Months off diagnostic lap (shocker). Just wanted to say thank you for sharing, I have found this really useful and will be looking into physio & core strengthening etc. Thanks again ladies. Hope you are both doing well Xx

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Omg this is me atm! I went gym yesterday morning and I’m still in agony now.

Sorry I can’t help much but you’re not alone with this. I had my lap 4 months ago and getting the same symptoms all over again 😫 xxx

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KatieA12 in reply to princessk09

Thanks for your response, It’s rubbish isn’t it! It’s a viscous cycle! You do something to make you feel better and less fatigued and you end up in agony 😫..

It’s awful how quickly symptoms come back ☹️...


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