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Feeling worse after Opp

Hi Guys,

Does anyone have experience & tips with chronic pain after surgery?

I had opp two months ago. I was finally diagnosed after 10 years of complaining to doctors but struggling with my periods, cycle etc since I started having some. (Always just dismissing this by me & by my family members as normal female problems)

They removed Endo on two places. Unfortunately each on ligaments which hold the uterus etc in place.

Now 2month's after the surgery I can't sit for longer time (it gets very painful after 30 min), can't stand or walk for longer time, lift heavier objects etc.

The pain is so bad that I'm on heavy doses of codein, naproxen + some other meds.

I've just seen the consultant yesterday and it is most likely to be caused by the fact I had it for so long & it caused significant nerve damage. He is just prescribing antidepressants for pain relief. With a comments that recovery is going to be slow process.

I'm like a zombie most of the time, due to the pain, pain meds & I will be even more after the antidepressants.

I'm getting really down as the only thing I manage is lie in bed with two cats to keep me company (bless them :).

Will it work? How long did it take you? Any tips how to be more able to do stuff? Any tips pls help. My boyfriend is amazing & looks after me in the evening but that's just makes me feel guilty for some bizarre reason. Although I know it's not my fault.

Many thanks,


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Hi hun.

Was it just endo you were diagnosed with?

I had my Laparoscopy 7 weeks ago and was diagnosed with endo and Adenomyosis.

The main places I had endo on was the uterosacral ligaments and the pouch of douglas.

For the first probably 5 Weeks I was getting more pain than ever in the area it was hurting before.

The pain is still bad sometimes I have crippling pain but I have had days which are better, but I'm unsure what exactly is causing the pain it is probably the adenomyosis as there isn't a cure for it.

I think it will improve it takes longer for some than others, mine took quite a few weeks I still don't feel 100% , I get lethargic and frustrated with feeling like this.

I also take codeine and tramadol, and antidepressants for pain I have amitripyline and that helps me to sleep.

I think it's just a slow recovery process but don't loose hope as it should get better.

Did the consultant say when he would see you again hun? Xx



Thank you for your reply.

Yes it is Endometriosis & I have scheduled consultation in a month which is great.

I had Tramadol only in hospital (luckily)

I find accepting this quite hard.

I was not expecting this after opp at all.

Before I was moderately active & lying in bed most of the day depresses me. I find hard to stay positive. Reading about it makes it hopefully sink in & see future a bit better, hopefully :)

I'm sorry to hear that you are in so much pain!




Thanks hun.

I know coping with this pain brings you down its very difficult to deal with it effects your whole life.

No I understand that you weren't expecting the recovery to be like this, I wasn't either I expected to wake up and be told there was nothing wrong due to previous practically telling me I was being a drama queen and it was just period pain, so I was so shocked.

I try and be a time but at the minute I find the pain is awful afterwards.

I hope your pain reduces soon hun, if you ever want to chat then just message xx


Thank you & the same to you. Hope you feel better & chat if you want :) xx


Hi - there are major nerves running along the uterosacral ligaments that will have been disturbed and it could take some months for this to settle fully but it will also depend on how invasive the surgery was. Endo there should only really be tackled by an expert laparoscopic excision surgeon. Was this done by a general obs/gynae? Can you private message me the name and the hospital. What is important for you is to monitor your symptoms from now on and if you feel things haven't been resolved or get worse then you should be seen in an endo centre if you weren't already. Click on my username and read my posts, especially the ones on how to find a specialist and on Pouch of Douglas endo. x


Hello :)

Thank you for your help.

I've already checked your posts & I'm under Endo centre which is great :)

I just started to take the new meds & waiting if they make any difference :)

Many thanks,




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