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Not seeing improvements post lap 🙄


I know I’m very impatient tbh haha but it’s nearly 4 months post op and I’m seeing no improvements. I don’t have my follow up till the 19th

Anyways last few weeks I’ve been getting the dull ache and sharp pains again which is apparently cysts. And now I’m due on my period any time and getting the horrible pains I used to get before I started.

Is this normal?

Could endo still be there or grown back?

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Hey there

I haven't got any advice for you as I'm still in the same boat. Coming up on 4 months with no help. I'm now on the pill as well as Medroxyprogesterone to both stop my periods, ovary release and to stop endo growing back. But nothing's changed, and I'm coming to the point where I'm just trying to accept it.

It's hard and depressing, all I can say is that you're definitely not alone and there is always hope.

Much love, hope today treats you well.

Like my boyfriend might be visiting next week and I’m so worried I’ll either start my period or sex will still be painful as I haven’t tried for like a year due to pain issues and bleeding after sex.

I haven’t got any hormone treatment yet as my doctor didn’t want to contradict with my gynae xx

I don't have any advice, but I also noticed no improvements to my pain after surgery, I'm sorry to say. So it is normal, but I know that's not much comfort!

I was told I'd need to have at least 4 periods before I could tell whether surgery had worked, you had your lap end of july so it's just been over 2 months so your body probably needs more time to adjust. I'm in the same situation myself and if anything my periods are heavier, you could ask for the mini pill at your appointment as that's what I'm starting next week as it stops your periods aha xx

princessk09 in reply to lizzyxx

I’ve tried the mini pill and failed as I kept forgetting to take it haha. Think I’m going to try the injections. Xx

lizzyxx in reply to princessk09

I'm forgetful too but I'm gonna put an alarm on my phone so I don't forget to take it aha xx

Six months out I still have pains from ovulation to period (although I don’t bleed as I’m taking hormones now). It’s depressing but after five months the pains were definitely less than before the surgery. I’m hoping after a year I’ll be even better...

I’m still waiting to start hormone treatment so hopefully I’ll see an improvement when I do xx

I was told to give it 6 months to see if it helped but I've still got symptoms 7 months on and if anything my pain has only got worse. I went to see my guarnotologist after 5/6 months and he said i should have noticed a difference by now and from his research 10% of women come back still in pain. He thinks I could have it in my womb muscles (adenomyosis) but it's very hard to diagnose as it can show in scans but doesn't always. Pretty shit tbh cos I have no idea what to do now but there is no cure for endo and unfortunately the lap is only to try improve symptoms not cure it and it's not always successful :( hope you're ok! If you ever need to chat feel free to private message me. I'm 25 and I'm also in a relationship and struggle with painful sex. Xx

You could still be healing internally, give it a chance, but definitely mention it when you see your consultant next x

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