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Post lap swollen stomach


I’m getting all frustrated now my stomach hasn’t gone fully down yet 11 days post. Gone down a lot since day 1 but I’m not back to normal. Just getting frustrated and I’m still having endo pain like pre op even though they’ve removed it all.. could be the healing process.

Just fed up!

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I totally feel how your frustrated your feeling! My stomach took ages to go down and even then I feel like I’m getting the ends bloat all the time!

I look pregnant some days 🤦🏽‍♀️ I just want to hide under baggy clothes!

Are you on any treatment yet for your endo? They left me till I was admitted into hospital with major blood loss to offer me treatment. My surgeon wouldn’t touch me till my excision was done and I’m still waiting...

Hope you feel better hun and I think you looo amazing considering you had it done 11 days ago! The best thing is rest but I have heard the more you move the quicker the gas will release from your stomach 💛


Kate345 in reply to Saira25

On 19th all the endo was removed so technically it’s all clean in there!

I had my last zolodex on 18th so I won’t have anything to think about whilst recovering

I’ll be going on the pill after that 4 weeks is up

My first lap in October which was just diagnostic my stomach was back to nkrb in just over a week but as they did the removal this time I imagine it will take longer..

I’ve only been out once since my lap which was 4 days ago and I’ve been lazing around the house to be honest apart from pottering around

I still have pain in my thighs like I did post op so nothing has really changed :(

Haha thank you! It’s gone down a lot since day 1 but still bloated.

I’ve got 2 more weeks off work so hopefully I get better quicker lol

Hey hun.

Yes it is frustrating! It can take weeks for swelling to go down also from what I have read it can take around 6 weeks before the pain of endo to go. I believe that this is due to the time it takes for the tissue of where the endo was to get back no normal.

Kate345 in reply to Lilkay

Oh my god I didn’t know it takes that long for the tissue to go back to normal / heal! So the endo pain I feel might technically be just the healing process! This lifts my spirits!

Omg I’m feeling exact same. I wrote a post too to see if anyone else had similar symptoms to see if it was normal. My bloating is still really bad. Getting a lot of pain from the gas travelling into my ribs and upper back. It’s been awful the last couple days. I’m 12 days post op. I’m feeling the same symptoms like I did before the op, left sided cyst type pain I was getting and I generally feel bruised around my whole belly. I’m guessing it’s the healing process as there’s no cyst there and the endo has been treated. I didn’t realise my recovery would take this long. So yeah, if it’s any consolation, you’re not alone ! X

Im 4 weeks post op and absolutley huge still. Its lije im carrying a bowling ball. Nothing gas helped me snd I dont know what else to try

Heat packs havent worked. Peppetmint hasnt worked. Raspberry leaf tea hasnt worked. Walking around hasnt worked.

Please help?? Im.going insane x

Sfarre in reply to DM14

Have you tried Windeez at all? That's what helped me with the gas.

DM14 in reply to Sfarre

I have deflatine which the pharmacist recommended to be similar/slightly better. Im getting worried about worked now. X

Hey kate345

I think we spoke yesterday on the losing weight site( the ibs sufferer that would love a burger lol)

I had my lap about year ago , prob same size As you and i think unfortunately the skinnier u are the more extreme it looks coz ur not used to it( no offence larger ladies❤️) .

I think mine was up and down and swollen for about 5-7 weeks!

As on my 7th week i was in italy on beach and looked like i had a football in bikini lol, also my stitches decided to come out on the beach?? It will

Go up and down for a while u have had alot done and all i had was a diagnoses lap. I tell u what did help me peppermint oil capsules holland and barratt extra stron ones as i think sometimes it the air that they pump in to u and wind... i sufferered terribly after with wind!

So dont stress

I would give it a good 2


my gp whose great she has endo and had a hysterectomy when i saw her she said it took her 12 weeks to get over her lap! So anyone that tells u any difference is lying

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