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Depo provera

Anyone been on this? I go on the 4/10 for my first just, I'm absolutely terrified of needles and told I don't have any options left when it comes to helping my painful periods as I've tried everything else. I asked for it in pill form and was refused and the docs also refused to send me back to the gyno. Really want an answer as to what's wrong with me since my lap came back clear, I'm really upset as I feel just brushed off asked what happens if the jags don't work and the docs said they don't know :( I told the docs I'm considering ending my life and they didn't even care :( I can't deal with anyone pain x

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I'm on Depo injections and I'm due my 5th in October. Be prepared for a few terrible months. I had a slow period for nearly four months straight. My hormones were all over the place and I had acne.

However it's all changed since my third injection I have no periods at all now, my moods have levelled and I'm glad I stuck with them. I don't suffer the period pain but still have bladder and bowel pain.

My advice is make sure you tell whoever you live with that your going to be hormonal!

Good luck, it's not the same for everyone though so don't want to put you off xx


If I was on a period for 4 months straight I would honestly no longer be here I couldn't handle that at all if I'm honest, I've had terrible acne for about 11 years now so wouldn't notice and I live alone so don't need to worry about that either, I just don't like the idea of if it doesn't work I can't just stop it like the pill I need to wait on it going out my system and I'm really worried as I've now ran out of options to help me so if this doesn't work I'm basically screwed as nobody knows what's wrong with me :( I hope they work out for me


I have to say that although I was on my period for 4 months and I got fed up it was less painful, less blood than normal and although I too have always suffered with acne around my period this was constantly there. But in all honesty it's so much better now. If you feel like you can't do it then have you been given other contraception treatments before trying this one?The pill worked well for me in the past but I didn't want to go back to having to remember to take it and wanted my period to stop completely.

I think it might be a good idea going back to your GP and telling them how you feel.


I've always had acne full stop nothing clears it, and I have told them for years they don't care and I've tried everything else this is the only thing left for me :( x


The depo injections are definitely worth a try. You need to ask your GP to give you the details of the worst you can expect from the injections before you start them so you have full knowledge of what may happen and what you can expect.

You also have to discuss your current emotional and mental health state and if this could change due to the injections. I had a long conversation at my second!

I'd say start with a list of questions you want to ask. Is there anyone who could go with you to your GP appointments to support you?

It's really hard feeling like you're not being heard, I found it difficult to explain my symptoms and explain my pain. I also found that some medical 'experts' were more dismissive than others making it harder to get my point across. I found writing a list of my symptoms and when they occured helpful to show them. Could you do something similar?


I don't have anyone I can go with regularly unfortunately, and I've explained my symptoms to them for 8 years basically every time I'm on my period I go to the docs about it and now I feel I've proved a point as nothing was found always get told it's all in my head :( x


Emsky I know how you feel. It's taken 27 years for my diagnosis. After years of different procedures, tests, tablets etc which none of them helped finally after I wrote it all down explaing daily in written form and had evidence of the things I was experiencing they finally took my symptoms seriously. I was diagnosed this year. It's been a long journey for me and Im sure you understand not easy.

Don't give up, don't give in. I worried it was in my head because that's how I was led to feel when everything kept coming back normal. The GP even told me at one point that I was healthy and not to worry. But still took another four years from that appointment for someone to take me seriously.

Keep going, every step is a step closer to finding the right answer xx


Hey, sorry to jump in but sudocream is a life saver for acne if you haven’t already tried that. I get breakouts around my period or if I don’t take make up off and sudocream helps clear them in a few days. xx


I've had acne non stop for 12 years now and nothing budges it literally tried everything!! Just dealt with the fact I'll probably always be spotty x


Oh emsky, I can feel your sadness.

You’re not going mad and I think that’s how you’re feeling.

I’ve been there over the years.

I’ve been going to drs since 17, I’m 33 have 3 kids and feel like I’ve tried every contraceptive going.

I had the contraceptive injection is that the same thing as depo?

That was rough for me unfortunately, on my period for 33 weeks, I refused to have the 4th. Reading belle17 reply maybe I should have stuck with it all that time ago. I’m undiagnosed and suffered symptoms or side effects on and off for all that time.

If it’s your only option make yourself really informed about it and give it a go.

I’m sorry you’re going through all this.

Speak to your gp about your current emotional health.

Feel free to message me

Take care


Yeah it's the same thing , I can barely deal with a week on never mind more than that , already spoke to the docs about my emotional health and they don't care, if the time comes I will be stating that I went to them for help and they didn't even bother I just feel pushed aside cos they just look at my notes and see that I've complained before about it


I'm was on the tablets to help with the bleeding but they didn't work. I only last about 4 weeks on them and was still having massive floods and random bleeds. I got the decapeptyl injection a couple of weeks ago... Finger's crossed so far


Sorry to also be negative but I would never advise the depo to anyone.

I had two injections. My first was great periods stopped after one period. But after that my hormones went haywire. I got a second injection and then after that stopped.

I had tender breasts, weight gain (it’s the only contraceptive proved to gain weight) and it took almost 4 years for my periods to go back to normal. I don’t know if that was the injection or endo tbh though!

But I went back to my GP and they said they would never recommend the depo to anyone unless they were post menopause.

They can’t force you to have this injection.

I’d say getting your mental health managed is your first priority, they may be able to support you with pain management too.

Have you considered changing medical practices? I would call somewhere and ask if they have any GPs who are familiar with endo or extreme pain management.

Diet does also help - turmoric capsules and magnesium capsules are a good start too.

There is always another option. It’s your body. You’ve got this far you can keep going you just need to find that one dr to help you and they are there. You can do this.

Stay strong 🌻💛


When I say I have no options left I literally mean it as I've had everything else possible this is the only thing I haven't tried so if it doesn't work then I've actually got nothing else :( I'm only going on it so when it doesn't work they might actually consider a hysterectomy and there's nothing wrong with my mental health either no periods means I'll no longer feel that way the two are linked if I didn't have any periods I'd feel much better as it's the only time I'm in pain



I'm so sorry you're going through so much. It would really be worth seeing a different doctor/surgery if you can. Once you are referred there is a website that you can go onto (TRACS - I believe) and select which consultant you want to see. Check the BSGE website as they have the locations of Endo specialists who work in hospitals around the country. You have the legal right to select the hospital and the surgeon. Was the consultant who did your lap an endo specialist or just a general gyne? That makes a huge difference as some are not trained in the same way an endo gyne is trained.

I'm currently on the Prostap injection (different to the contraception injection) that puts you into a temporary induced menopause. This is to stop the periods completely and shut down the ovaries. Yes the side effects of the menopause are hard, but having periods is worse. Please keep fighting for an answer. You could also suggest to the doctor about having Adenomyosis looked into. This is just like endo but grows in the walls of the womb and is difficult to diagnose without a specialist. Have you ever had an MRi? They can detect areas that are thickened by endo or other issues like Adenomyosis.

All the best, I really feel for you.



I am unable to talk to the gynae as they basically closed my case and the docs won't refer me back even though I've asked as I want answers as something is seriously wrong, I don't think he was an endo specialist :(


Can you go to a different doctors surgery?


I don't always see the same doc when I go to mines but I feel because the gyno sent them a letter telling me to try the Jag that it won't matter who I go to they'll just tell me the same :( x


Hi Emsky please don't lose heart. I have had endo since 39 years. Depo- pro worked really worked for me and had the best period of time without pain or pmt. I chose this option as it has the least side effects. I was scared but was a good choice. It can be given in the arm or the bottom.

I did get good results keeping a check on sugar and bread as it definitely improved my endo. Happy to share that with you.

Be great to keep in touch. Sally


I've had a lap done and he found nothing so I'm really scared these jags don't work as it's the only option I have left as I've tried everything else :(


I have been on depo before (and will probably be going back on it) and I was also worried about the injections prior. They are not bad, as far as injections go. Probably among the easiest I have had when it comes to having needles. I am not so bad now but I use to have an extreme fear of needles. So bad that as a kid it once took 4 people to hold me down to give me a needle! Also, even in my late teens I was prescribed medication to relax me ahead of having needles. Perhaps this is something your doctor might be willing to explore?

The depo affects everyone differently but when I was on it my periods disappeared and therefore so did most of my symptoms related to them. It did take a couple needles before this happened entirely.

I can sympathise with not feeling like you are being heard or treated the way you deserve. In the end I was referred to a different Gyno team at a different hospital and the entire process took several months - but was worth it to feel like I was getting the care I was in search of.

In discussing options with me, in addition to depo, a coil came up as alternative to injectable medications. I am not sure if this is a suitable option for you but maybe something you want to ask about if you are looking for alternatives. Just be sure to explore the pros and cons of whichever treatment you do decide to try and good luck!


Already had everything else unfortunately so the Jag is the only option I have left :( x


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