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Depo- Provera

I’m going to visit the nurse tomorrow hopefully to check on my stitches and try and see if I can go on the injection. I have a few questions and was wondering if anyone could help me.

1. Can you take it longer than 2 years?

2. Did it completely stop anyone’s period?

3. Can it affect your fertility or make you infertile in the future?

4. Is it good for reducing the chance of endo returning?

Thank you 💕

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I know it’s not good for your bones and they recommend not to be on it for long. I went on it and my mood swings were horrendous to the point I couldn’t have it again. I still however had a period it didn’t completely stop. Not sure about whether it reduces endo coming back I haven’t heard anything about that I just know the coil and the pill is supposed to be good for endo x


I’ve tried the pill but I was so bad at taken it as I kept forgetting haha. And I hate the idea of a coil in me 😂 I’m kinda stuck for options, I haven’t had the injection or patch either yet xx


That’s the same as me, I sometimes forget to take my pill but I’m having to change as I’ve got a lot of side effects from taking it for too long. I’m booked in to get the coil at the beginning of September and I’m so scared but it’s the only thing I haven’t tried. I was on the patch when I was about 12 when my periods first started getting bad and from what I can remember it worked quite well the only reason I changed was because I’d find it would slide off on about day 4 of having it on but I do remember it being quite good xx


Yeah it’s just people might be able to see the patch which puts me off. Probably just see what the nurse says xx


Yeah it’s all about trial and error with these type of things xx


Hey I saw my consultant on Thursday (8 weeks post op).

1. I asked him if there was a time frame I was allowed it for and he said no.

2. Stopped my periods (had this previously) only time I found I bled was one week before the injection so they allowed me to have it every 11 weeks to stop the bleeding and pain.

3. I don’t think so - could be worth checking though. When I stopped it before my periods returned around 6 months later, but this is different for everyone.

4. Yes! That’s why I was suggested to go on some form of hormones as I’m endo free :)

Hope this helps x


Thank you for your reply. Online it says you can only take it for 2 years due to the risk of decreased bone density. I’m unless at taken the pill so thought I’d give the injection a try.

How long did it take for it to stop your periods? And does the injection hurt? Xx


I was told before you can only have it a year, I said that to him and he was like whoever told you that is talking rubbish. But I would check at your GP what they advise. I know someone who has been on it for 15 years (on and off while having kids).

Erm I can’t quiet remember I’m afraid, sorry. No it doesn’t hurt, might feel like a pinch but you get used to it. X


Yeah hopefully I can get an appointment tomorrow xx


Hi. I've not been officially diagnosed with endometriosis, but my GP is fairly certain I've got it- awaiting investigations from gynaecology. I've had all the symptoms since my period started. I've been on the depo 4 years now, and, checked with my GP recently- she has no problems with me staying on it atm, even checked with the hospital to see if I need a bone density scan- I don't!!! My periods have stopped completely, they stopped altogether after about 6 months. They have been the only thing to give me any sort of relief from my horrendous periods, although my symptoms have somewhat returned unfortunately even though I don't get a period anymore. With regards your fertility question I've no idea, I'm only 24 so not thinking about kids just yet. I've had no problems with the depo injection, it's been great for me. Also, it doesn't hurt, just a small scratch! I hope this information helps even just a little bit. Xo


Thank you, yeah I definitely don’t want kids yet haha I’m only 19. It’s just in the future. Definitely going to try the injection though xx

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Great! Good luck with the appointment. Xx


Hello! I have nothing but good things to say about the injection. I was on it for 2 years and then changed to the implant which I didn’t react well to at all. It really depends on your doctor and health board whether they will carry on the injection for longer than 2 years. You’re at a higher risk of thinning the bones if osteoporosis runs in your family.

It totally stopped my periods after the second injection, they do say it can take up to a year for everything to return to normal but I don’t believe there’s anymore risk than the pill or coil etc. Not sure around endo, the mirena coil seems to be recommended for that which is what I have and again I haven’t had any issues with that either. You can always just try the injection once although I’d definitely get it at least twice to see if your body adjusts to any issues. A lot of my friends have had issues with anxiety following the implant so that’s given me a skewed vision for that but I know a lot of people probably get on fine too!

No size fits all for us unfortunately but something to consider is going to a sexual health clinic to get advice as they generally have more time and knowledge and then you can decide what is right for you?


Hey, thank you for your comment. Osteoporosis doesn’t run in my family and I go gym everyday and do weight bearing exercises etc.

It’s definitely worth a try anyways and I can always stop as well xx


Exactly! I actually got my injections at a sexual health clinic because they do it more frequently, the one time it got done by a doctor it really hurt. The only thing about it which they said before was remember once you’ve had it, it’s in your system for 12 weeks. Hope you find something that works for you x


Just a side issue...Depo has been linked to memory loss. Early research studies indicate that the memory loss may be irreversible. Depo has been banned as in some countries due to adverse side effects.

I have been on depo twice. The first time I felt great...no periods, no pain and lots of energy. The second time I had 8 week periods, prolonged pain and I developed anaemia, so was exhausted all the time.

I have also been experiencing severe memory loss and my neurologist thinks it may be caused by the depo. She advised me to stop immediately.


Tbf my memory is terrible anyways haha, I’m hoping I can see the nurse today and can discuss the best option. It’s at least worth a try as I can’t take the pill since I forget


Good luck. Hope you find something that helps. x



I went on this injection and sorry to be the bearer of bad news but for me it was awful. It did stop my periods and took three and a half years to go back to normal. I think I’m one out of the hundreds that took a negative turn with it but honestly it’s the last ting I would reach for now.

I had 2 injections- my first one was great no side effects or anything. My second was awful, I had low mood, no sex drive, suffered awful vaginal dryness and put on weight. The real joy was when I didn’t get the next shot, my boobs were in agony, I piled on more weight (it’s the only contraceptive proven to have weight gain with women), still had no sex drive, when I did start to bleed again I bled every 10 or so days for about three months then nothing for maybe 2. It went on like this for years.

If you are thinking about trying for babies I would also mention the your doctor as when I went back to the dr with all my symptoms he said he would “never have advised anyone your age to go on the injection” I was 21 at the time and it had been a dr at the same surgery who had advised it- it shouldn’t affect fertility but does put your ovaries to sleep completely.

The way I research hormone contraception now is to look up all the bad side affects because I only looked up the good with the depo and it looked the be the best option out there. Once I was off it and suffering I looked up my symptoms and realised I shared these with countless others.

Thing is, I read in a book the other day - drs put a 7st women on the same hormone dose as a 14st women, we all have different needs and actually these hormones don’t consider that at all! I may have just been unlucky but depo for me was awful and I’d hate for anyone else to go through what I did.

I now have the Jaydess coil- it’s the lowest hormone contraceptive I could get - it’s new as well- it’s smaller than the mirena and lasts only 3.5 years as oppose to 5years. It was very very painful the night I got it inserted and until three days later I was taking pain relief- since then my periods have been regular and lighter. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get pain, however, this is manageable pain.

Sorry to be all negative- I’m generally a very positive person but I am so wary of that stupid injection that I always feel I need to say have a good long think and ask your Doctor all of these questions and make sure you’ve got all the facts to make an informed decision.


Hey, thank you, I think it’s definitely worth a try but I’m not thinking of having kids for like another 10 years haha. I was just worried if I used it for so long it would affect my fertility etc.


From what I read, the longer your on it the lesser the side affects so if you are thinking longer term hopefully your side affects will be next to none.

From my extensive googling there was nothing to say that it affected fertility so you should be okay but again always ask your GP they will be the best at answering these questions 😊 good luck!! xx


Thank you, quick question can your doctor give the injection? Xx


It was the dr that did mine both times, so yeah they can 😊 I had to pick mine up at pharmacy and take it to the dr and they put the actual shot in x


My daughter has had depo two times , the first time it worked but not so much the second time. She gets her period still sometimes for 30 days but not as much pain and not so heavy. I know it is hard on the bones so take calcium to help prevent osteoporosis. I don’t know how long you can be on it. I wish you luck


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