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Provera 10mg

So I just got back from my gynea appointment which was awful... I didn't see my consultant I must of seen her registrar who seemed not to have a clue about my history, this has been going on for 3 years! I feel like it's me she asked have you tried this, this, this.... Every answer was yes and then was the question of have you had/completed your family which obviously my answer was no. I explained as soon as we are financially stable in around a year we will try buy what am I going to do for a year was the question, she suggested the depo injection and I said no I was on it for two and a half years before I even had my laparoscopy and it was still in my system when I had it so I don't want it again it takes to long to get out the system. So she called in my consultant from the other room who suggested taking this provera tablet 10mg three times a day. Anybody ever tried this? I knew there wasn't much more they can do but I really wish I could of just had more zoladex but they said no.

So I've got no idea what this provera does etc or if it's any good or how effective or anything about it so any of your experiences would help please xxxx

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Hi, I've been on provera twice throughout my endo journey. The first time round it was alongside the depo injection. I can't remember any bad side effects but remember it didn't stop my bleeding.

The second time was a lot more recently which unfortunately didn't go well. I was in a lot of pain whilst my body sort of adjusted but I stuck with it as was running out of options until my op. The worst side effect was on my mental health it made me very upset and anxious which was the reason I came off of them. Should also mention this was alongside the mirena coil.

I'm not saying this to put you off as everyone is different and as I said I've tried it twice with two different effects I just wanted to give my experience. Good luck



Thanks hun, I'm not on them alongside anything. I am a little nervous about starting them but I'm willing to give them ago until we start trying for a baby. I've had two episodes or experiences in the past of anxiety and depression but that was when I was on depo injection. I'm not sure it was that though I think it was life in general getting me down and worked up. But il keep an eye. Xxxx


I live by the give anything a go option too lol! The good news is it didn't take me long to get back to my normal self so if you do experience the low moods it shouldn't last long for you if you came off them hopefully! xx

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Hi trinket bedsides the pill it was the first thing I tried for my endo. I was on that plus Cerazette for 4 months this year and oh my god it was amazing! I had very vivid crazy dreams but other than that and one day of spotting every 4 weeks they were fantastic for me. Since then they have left me just on Cerazette and I'm having a really tough time now! Definitely worth a try! Xx


I was on Provera for over a year and personally didn't get on with it. My side effects were similar to Trinket's second experience, very erratic mood/depression and weight gain.

Everyone is different and reacts to drugs differently. On the positive side, it felt like it left my system very quickly and I got back to my normal self within a few weeks of stopping the Provera.


Thanks girls first day so far so good :) il keep u posted xxxx


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