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Depo provera and mood swings

I've been on depo for a bit over a year and only now have I noticed I get extreme bipolar-like mood swings right before I'm due for my next shot (I'm talking less than a week before my next depo shot). I'll go from depressed to okay to happy to angry and finally uncontrollable crying. Then I'm back to being sane for a little bit. Has anyone else had this stupid side effect? My poor boyfriend doesn't know what's going on. It doesn't help that I'm the first girlfriend that he's lived with.

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I used Depo many years ago and had a total of three injections. By the third I was signed off work and a mess emotionally so yes the effects on your mood can be very real. Good luck x


I was told by a counsellor that the hormones I am on have no significant effect. it is a relief to hear other people's experiences. I can literally cry at anything and totally go off on one!! Good luck and hope your experience gets better xx



I take the provera pill three times a day and although I have always been prone to depression I have noticed that since starting on this pill 2 years ago my moods have gotten worse, almost to bipolar type proportions.

Have you sought any advice from your doctor about this? I've been considering coming off but not sure I can cope with the pain coming back either.


Sorry to hear this happens to you I am just about to have my next depo injection I have been having them since December 2015 and apart from constant spotting up until December 2016 I have not experienced any other side effects and its been the best thing for my pain. I would suggest discussing this side effect with either the nurse or Doctor who is giving you your next injection as they might no want you to continue with it. I wish you the best.


Could you ask for the injection earlier? I used to have it every 12 weeks and one week before it was due i would bleed, so they allowed me to have it every 11 weeks and i didn't bleed so didn't get most problems that came with the bleeding.


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