Fobbed off again!!

Hello, I've posted a few times and went to the docs on Thursday determined to get referred thanks to all you lovely ladies and your encouraging words. I came out of the docs completely devastated as they've told me I need to go back on the pill to see if that regulates my periods and will help with the pain. Thing is though my periods are regular and I don't suffer with heavy bleeding. Just excruciating pain in the lead up and during my period. We have been trying for a baby for the last 22 months so I told them I didn't want to. They said I need to try using cerazette first for 6 months. Part of me is ok with this as I was on this when I fell pregnant with my son but then it completely defeats the point of trying for a baby. My son will be 6 in May and I didn't really want a massive age gap which is now what ls going to happen. And all because the docs won't listen to me. Sorry just having a moan. I'm so sure it's endometriosis but I just can't get them to listen :'( xxx

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  • Tell them you want a referal to an endo specialist... Take some1 with you who can stand their ground as when you speak about yourself its easy to get frustrated. Are you in london?

  • No I'm in Oxford. That's a great idea. I will take my husband coz it's him who sees me in so much pain and it upsets him. Thank you. It's things like that that I would never have thought of. I'm so grateful for this site and for everyone who takes the time to read and comment xxx

  • Your very welcome...x keep us posted...! Could you see a diff doctor too? Tell them that you will complain to PALS about not helpping you.

  • It sounds like you are having a tough time and getting a referral shouldn't be so hard, I'm always so surprised how GP's are so different from one to the next! I really hope taking your husband helps. Are you able to go to another GP?

    I hope you get a referral soon x

  • If you've been trying for a baby for that amount of time surely they should be taking that into consideration? It's seems a bit of an odd way to deal with the issue. Think you need to change GP or maybe even insist on referral and say your not happy to wait. Ask him to refer you for an ultrasound at least while you wait. At my abnormal ultrasounds the sonographer inferred that the GP would probably want to treat it himself. I had no idea and was very happy for that, ended up with stage 4 endo on my bowels and rectum, passed pillar to post, thank god finally got good treatment at endo centre. You need to be pushy. My GP was awful and had no interest, I changed GPs, (I am not really pushy and it was really hard and frustrating), but I'm so glad he wasn't interested as if I had been treated by him I dread to think what state I would be in now. Sorry for the long story, just want to say not to take their word for it. It's not their pain and their fertility and a good doctor should recognise when you need more hell and arrange for it, not leave you like that.

    Wishing you all the best x

  • I meant help not hell!! X

  • Thank you for your replies. I've had an ultrasound already which didn't show an abnormalities, but I believe a scan doesn't pic up on endo? I saw a different doctor on Thursday to see if that would make a difference and when I mentioned endo she started telling me about the how risky a laporoscopy is. Basically to put me off. The only way I can describe the pain to them is by measuring it against the most painful thing I've been through which is child birth. I had no pain relief during that but if you stuck a bottle of gas and air infront of me during those days of my period, I'd probably drain the lot. I took a screen shot of the table on the endometriosis uk for symptoms and showed them how many I have, nearly all except pain during sex and when urinating. I only get pain and bleeding with bowel movement in the lead up to my period. Does this sound like endo? I can't believe how dismissive they are of it. I'll try going back with hubby and if that doesn't work I'll change surgeries. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment xxxx

  • Hi jadiemac,

    I get so upset and mad when the gyn doc says to you lapsurgery to check for endo is risky!!! This is a simple and cheap way to keep you from getting what you need - explor. surgery! I was told the same thing - its too risky! - so I changed doc.

  • I am going back to my docs Monday as having same problem... I'm not trying for a baby but keep getting fobbed off...despite already having 3 laps and endo removed they've told me my pain won't be down to that!!! Do what I'm going to do not leave till they refer me...good luck xx

  • I couldn't read this and not post. I don't have much advice but I just wanted to say I'm so sorry to hear how terribly you have been treated... I really feel for you. I also had been fobbed off in the past and it makes me so cross that despite all the information we have now about endo that they won't refer you to a gynecologist. I also hate to be pushy but unfortunately when faced with this situation it's the only way forward. I'm so frustrated that still some gps dismiss painful periods as something we have to put up with and normal.... This level of pain is just not normaI and needs investigating- Good Luck with getting a new gp and a referral. Xx

  • I agree with many of the other posters. Good idea to take someone with you.

    All surgery has risks but laparoscopy is not above the norm in this respect so your GP is incorrect and as another poster mentioned, it sounds as though they are trying to keep costs down.

    You are correct. Ultrasound doesn't always pick up endo. If it did we'd all be diagnosed immediately!

    I don't like recommending this next option but sometimes we have to do what's necessary. You could pay to see someone privately to get the ball rolling and then switch back to nhs.

    Good luck x

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