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Pain advice


Hi guys :)

Can everyone tell me what they take for pain...

Today is supposed to be the first day of my cycle (2nd one since last lap) and the pain is unbearable.

Last month it was so bad and felt like I was having contractions (I don’t have children but did have a ‘medical termination’ after a miscarriage) and had contractions then so that was what I’d imagined it felt like. They hooked me up to one of them machines (the ones they put around a pregnant belly) and I was having them apparently.

I can’t take the pill of any oral form and had the coil fitted which perforated my womb.

They have given me Tramadol, oramorph, codeine, naproxen and buscopan (sorry can’t spell it but apparently it acts as a anti spasm).

I’m also on antibiotics for an infection in my womb!

If anyone has seen me post before, like everyone else, this has been a loooong problematic road that doesn’t seem to end.

Sorry for the essay,

Any advice would be great


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I regularly take Amitriptyline at night (and you really need to take it every night so it builds up in your system) - this helps a little with the pain and more importantly with my sleep as my sleep kept getting interrupted by pain. If the pain is severe, you could ask your GP if they might give you a short course of Diazepam to take, but they might ask for you not to take it with the Tramadol and Oramorph as these are sedating meds and the Diazepam will increase the effect of their sedation and vice versa. Hope this helps.

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Thank you for your reply, yeah they gave me Diazepam aswell but I don’t like it makes me too sleepy with work!

I’m just at the end of my tether with it all. Luckily I’ve got some time off work right now but I just can’t keep doing this! :(


Have hey given you all of those meds together!!?? I take Oramorph when I'm climbinf he walls but refuse to take it regularly. I smoke cannabis in a vape pen for pain too. I used to make tea out of it, which also helped. I sometimes use a TENS machine. I also make fresh black pepper, turmeric and ginger root tea with lemon, most days.

I know a few peoplw who use CBD oil in various forms, and said they find it helpful.

Hi Natty Noggin,

Yes they’ve given me them all together, obviously not to take at the same time though. And I also get a lecture about the opiate family when I go to seen my GP. Yeah that’s my issue I don’t like to take the stronger things on a daily basis as I don’t like the feeling. Maybe I should try the cannabis through the vape. Do you know where I can buy one from? xo

I bought mine online. Mine is an Atmos RX Junior.

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I'd also be interested to hear where you buy your CBD (I take it it's CBD?) from. I have the oil, but if that doesn't work then I try the vape method.

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I buy cannabis or hash to use in my vape pen.

I don't know where my friends got their CBD oil but there's loads online.

I was going to buy the capsules but they're super expensive.

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